Yarn Along 

Here’s the knitting I mentioned in my last post. The pattern is called Mira’s Cowl by Mira Cole. It’s free on Ravelry.

 I’m not sure I want to aggressively block it as per the instruction. By the end the most I’ll probably feel like doing is flinging it around my neck. Consistently good knitting is not my talent. For some reason I can crochet quite difficult stitch combinations and follow patterns without much of an issue, but knitting has always been another matter. This is despite being able to knit from childhood, as you know crochet came much, much later. Even this simple pattern of blocks of 2, 4, 8 or 16 stitches has been problematic. I keep finding whole sections where the stitches have mysteriously changed to knit where they should be purl, and vice versa, halfway up. I could blame it on the toenail bit of A Gathering Storm, but that wouldn’t be altogether truthful. I’m often rubbish at concentrating on my knitting. It’s a good thing that the wonderful Nicky Sutton displayed excellent graphics how to pick up, or alter stitches with a crochet hook on IG. It’s saved me undoing any rows. I quite like the opportunity to use a little 3mm hook on my knitting. I know that’s probably not the attitude, but at least it works!

I’m about to start my next audio book: The Kasmir Shawl. I like to leave a day or more between them, just to let the memory of the last fade a bit. Do you do this too? I used to read lots of Rosie Thomas’s books, but it’s years since the last. I hope this is good. It’s set in 1939 and a young woman from rural Wales is moving to India with her husband, who has been posted there as a missionary. What could possibly go wrong?!

I’ve always got both an audio book and a printed or e-book on the go. Last night I read more of After You by JoJo Moyes while listening to an owl hoot in the trees.  The torrential rain and wind then put a stop to that delightful noise. I hope it managed to stay warm and dry.

I’m joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along

17 thoughts on “Yarn Along 

    • Oh that’s good to know, I’m looking forward to India in the 1940s, as a change from London and France!
      I just need to stop and examine each row after I’ve knitted them one by one probably. I get carried away with my audio book or what’s on tv I think!

  1. I think it depends on how the yarn behaves as to how much I block a project. Use your judgment – yarns vary. It’s going to be real pretty. I added Kashmir Shawl to my reading list!

    • It really will be more about if I can face doing anything else with it, if I don’t stop having to correct mistakes my wandering brain is making!
      Thank you, it is a very pretty yarn.
      I’d be interested to know if you enjoy the book.

  2. Lovely yarn! I really like the color and it looks like a really pretty pattern. One of my favorite musicians is Rosie Thomas but I’m sure this is a different one- sounds like an interesting book!

  3. I like your cowl a lot. I always say if there are mistakes you know it was homemade and not knit by a machine ;) This makes me happy. Hopefully it will do the same for youl

  4. Really pretty cowl you’re doing. I never block anything.. lol. I just read the end of a 6 book series last night and I feel bereft.. having to choose the next thing to read. Do let us know how your new one goes. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I also love the colour of your cowl, it will be gorgeous when finished. I hope you enjoy your book. I tend to dive straight into the next book when I finish one, that is probably why I can’t remember them!
    Caz xx

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