The last two ends 

   These are the last two ends to be darned and then the Bright Stripy Blanket is finished. It’s always a good feeling isn’t it? 

The expected girl turned out to be a boy, rather to the initial shock of my friend, so this is a fairly pink blanket. Rather than the planned lime border I’ve finished it in petrol; to emphasise the blue stripes.  

What are you up to at the moment?

11 thoughts on “The last two ends 

  1. 💞! I like how when thou did the border, the other yarn doesn’t show. I think it’s because you did hooked in each section twice? The girls and I have come back from a heart exercising jaunt in the neighborhood; they scootered and I walked and jogged. Just had a green smoothie to recharge.

  2. I wanted a girl.. got a girl.. wanted a boy.. got a boy.. wanted a girl.. got a boy. But he’s been the sweetest of all the kids, so I am happy with him. Just keeping cool here, it’s almost 100 f. here! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I inherited my Grandmother’s stripey crochet blanket which covered my bed when I stayed with her. After she died my Mother used it to wrap each of my three baby brothers then I used it to wrap each of my sons.

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