Progress being made

  In a way I’m quite pleased the temperatures have dropped to a more typical Springtime coolness. I’ve been quite content to snuggle in my poncho and listen to my current audio book; the very enjoyable ‘Various Pets Alive and Dead’ by Marina Lewycka (stories about a commune called Solidarity Hall up in the North in the late 1960s, read by the excellent Sian Thomas? Oh yes please!) and darn more of my JAYGO ends.

And also in these chillier evenings some more bright striping…

   With some blogs you could be shown a series of photos, without knowing whose they are, and you would instantly know. So many people have favourite colour combos that they use again and again, which are especially recognisable now I’ve followed them for the last 4 – 5 years. But look at these 3 and would you guess it’s me? Admittedly the motif blanket’s colours have been chosen by another, but I’ve realised that since I’ve learnt to crochet I’ve used all kinds of combos and single shades without settling for one over and over again….yet…

What does this (bank holiday) weekend offer?

8 thoughts on “Progress being made

  1. I’m also a big fan of ML, so this looks like a contender for my kindle. Your crochet projects both look colourful, I’ve not detected a colour theme running through your crochet. I don’t think I have one as I usually give everything away and choose what I think the recipient would like. This weekend Mr B and Ms G with us. Yippee 😤. Have a good one yourself.xx

  2. I think these are all beautiful but yes, they’re very different which is no bad thing, in fact it’s refreshing . I know what you mean about some people having a very easily identifiable colour style. I’m wondering if I do now. Xx

  3. I don’t think my colors are identifiable as I flip from one colorway to another. :-) It depends on what colors are available in the yarn I choose. Right now I’m doing true color rainbow cotton on a Lucy bag, my 2nd. Fun! Love your projects! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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