Five things

This looks like pizza doesn’t it? I gave Nigella’s crustless pizza a try at the weekend.  The recipe’s from her Kitchen book. It was revolting; basically cheesy Yorkshire pudding. I ate the topping and a bit of crispy edge then the food recycling bin had the rest. 

Here’s my version of the Slouch and Bobble hat from Kat Goldin’s Hook, Stitch and Give book, sans bobble because I’m getting round to sewing it up. Same old story hey. On me it looks like a tea cosy, but on my friend it will probably look gorgeous! Anyone relate?    I laughed aloud (20th C usage alive and kicking) yesterday to see that behind the garden centre/pick your own/farm shop/fishing lakes/carousel there are llamas in a small field, not the sheep (lambs?) I expected to see. Those llamas are getting everywhere these days! Hurray they sell smoked garlic; I’ve only bought it from the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm before. I love it though my fridge stinks for weeks. A few cloves were delicious in a chicken traybake I threw together last night. Like my fridge I also carried the garlic tang today but it was worth it. 

Five Happy Things type of posts, to be frank, can set my teeth on edge as they are sometimes very syrupy reading, they’re also not the most interesting. Do you remember when the 52 Weeks of Happy blog posts appeared last January? So many gave up writing them by May, if not sooner, because I think people found they were not very interesting to write either. I do enjoy ‘ randoms’ though as they give a bit of snapshot. If you fancy posting your own Five Things add a link below please, so then I can read yours. 

8 thoughts on “Five things

  1. Love a bit of randomness. Especially honest cooking disasters of which I have my fair share. Pompoms, I made an extra big one for Miss J at Christmas and all her friends wanted to know where they could buy a hat with the big pompom. She loved telling them they couldn’t. The sun is shining, that makes me happy! Have a great week.

  2. I enjoy random posts too, they make for nice easy reading (and writing – although I never carry my camera around enough to have the photos to go with the random things!). Shame about the pizza, it looks tasty.

    • I never use a camera – it’s all my iPhone and occasionally ipad but I’m afraid I’ll drop it so I try not to! Try to whip your phone (if you have a camera phone!) out whenever you see something that amuses or interests or….. and you’ll have a nice little selection soon.

  3. Oh gosh, sorry that recipe didn’t work for you. All that time and work for something that didn’t taste good. Oh well, you tried it. Next! I have never seen smoked garlic. Yummy! I like the beanie work.

    • Ah well, you win some, you lose some and to be fair it wasn’t tricky to make in the slightest, but I was looking forward to it.
      Might be trying to do some home smoked garlic in the near future in the home smoker, it’s really only been used for trout but I’m keen on trying it for other food stuffs.
      Thanks! I hope my friend does too…

  4. I enjoyed reading about your ‘five things’ lovely, and sorry your ‘pizza’ wasn’t such a big success, although it does LOOK good! I hope your week is shaping up to be a real good one xo

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