Walmington on Sea

Today we parked at Bridlington’s North Beach and walked along looking for sea glass. We had a little bag of mostly green pieces by the end, but unusually I’d found zero! My sea glass spotting skills seem to have deserted me, mind you I’ve never thought my beanie would blow off before!

We decided to walk up to Bridlington Old Town after asking directions. When someone says it will take 15-20 minutes to walk, you often find it’s more like 10 as they’re drivers and it’s a guesstimate. This time she was definitely right, it might have even been 30, and it was uphill all the way.

What a nice old High Street, imagine it without cars and it’s perfect.

We knew that Dad’s Army has been filmed here recently, isn’t it perfect for the fictional Walmington on Sea High street? Look what’s been left…

For a fan of the oldie but goodie tv programmes this week is turning out to be a delight! But wait there’s more…

Initially I was horrified that they would remake such a classic but now after today’s sights, and hearing who is in the film I am looking forward to seeing it. The helpful lady also said there is a Facebook page with photos of the actors and the filming, if you’re interested.

After another day of lots of walking I’m going to carry on with some hooky now. I had a slow start this morning sitting in the sunshine…

Just look at those scrummy colours. It’s beautiful yarn isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “Walmington on Sea

  1. Reminds me of our school trip to Eden Camp last term. Have you been there?? Well worth a visit. It’s at Malton, much closer than Hawes!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your walk – this is my home town! I live on the outskirts of Old Town. There is a Bridlington Old Town facebook page with loads of photos of the filming of Dad’s Army. On the Bridlington Free Press site there is a video taken on a Saturday morning with me blindly walking past all the huha on my way to the paper shop (pink coat, long skirt and boots!) Our next excitement is the Tour of Yorkshire staring from the Spa on May 1st – I’m a big fan of Sir Bradley Wiggins so glad he is joining in. We are hoping for the town to be awash with blue bunting and blue bicycles, facebook page Le Tour Bridlington.

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