A little reinvention

I know it’s now a saga, this honey cowl. As you know, I disliked the feel and look of the Stylecraft Special DK when it was knitted, so swapped to a lovely soft DMC Creative World merino I had in my stash.We all know swatching is important, even vital, but it seems a drag – not that I’ve ever actually done it before. The honey cowl is meant to be 12″ in width, but mine was actually looking like 10″ which meant I was knitting a neck brace! I didn’t think blocking would make 2″ difference so after pondering the inevitable I undid it all. It is best to do this quickly, rewind the yarn into balls and stuff it into a bag out of sight, out of mind!

It’s not great undoing your knitting but I have to admit this was accompanied with a measure of relief – since I found the alternate slip a stitch purl-wise, then purl pattern was really aggravating my golfer’s elbow.

But last night I fancied a quick make while I listened to the last hour of The Minotaur by Barbara Vine. I don’t need another pin cushion so this will go to one of my friend’s charity craft stalls.

I can choose a new audio book on Friday when I get my new Audible credit, do you have any recommendations? 

What are you up to this week? What are you reading? 

15 thoughts on “A little reinvention

  1. My teenager reads to me while I work on my Etsy orders. Right now we’re reading the Divergent series., Tho she got so interested , she finished the four books in one sitting and now she’s reading me book two which is called Insurgent. It’s a good read if you like Dystopian novels

  2. I don’t normally do a swatch. I jump right in and then check with the tape measure when I’ve done a bit. My knitting tension seems about average.

    Shame about the cowl it was a pretty stitch but no good if it hurts.

    • Do you need a pin cushion? I’d make one 😊
      I’ve just given a bag of makes to be sold in a spring sort out. Little things I made as I tried new techniques and silly little fast crochets that are fun but not needed.
      I’ll search out another cowl knit and try my posh Rowan sock yarn out. (The universe can hush!)

  3. Gorgeous pincushion. We are reading Five Go Adventuring Again (with Little J) and Ice Fire (with Big J) and I’m thoroughly enjoying both books.

  4. 😱 Oh yikes on the frogging and restarting. I usually make half-assed swatches but I know my knitting will expand half a stitch after wet blocking. I love your photo of your ripple. It is super splendid.

  5. I have to admit I’m not a swatcher and it does sometimes get me in a pickle! Will you persevere with the cowl pattern? I do like the pin cushion. On the honey theme, I’m reading The Bees by Llane Paul and I cannot recommend it enough! :) x

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