All at Sea Shawl II 

It’s so sunny today! A really beautiful morning.

Aren’t the colours in this yarn lovely? I reckon it’s sock or lace weight as it feels quite a bit finer than the 4 ply I used for my Raspberry scarf.

I decided to crochet another All at Sea shawl as the first one I made was with DK and I fancied another go with (probably) the correct weight yarn. The pattern by Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz is available here on Ravelry, or in Simply Crochet 22, if you have a shelf of past issues like me.

I’m going to have to go back to print versions of crochet magazines I reckon; I’m behind with the last two issues of Inside Crochet. I just don’t pick up my ipad and stick to reading them on there; I get distracted by other sites, usually social media. Digital versions are good on the space shaving front, but I do like to see curly page markers poking out of back issues. It’s so much faster and easier somehow to grab one and just think ‘I’ll make that today!’ than to scroll through digital versions. Wow isn’t life hard these days?! It’s all the choice.

This is turning into a ramble when it was meant to be one of those sharp and to the point posts, but I’m re-reading The Thorn Birds and life in outback Australia in the early 20th century was so hard. It’s strange re-reading something I haven’t read since my teens. What I really remember is scenes from the tv series: that white shirt, the ashes of roses dress, Mary the dragon, Fee with the careworn face, the run from him on the beach, Luke/Bryan the b****** who ended up marrying Meggie/Rachel in real life afterwards, though at the time I couldn’t understand why…. Skipping the descriptive passages then to get ‘to the good parts’ means that it’s quite a different read this time around, especially as I’ve spent lots of time in Australia. It’s a good book actually, much better than I expected.

It’s noticeable that when an author dies their books leap up the bestseller lists. I bought Judith Kerr’s When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (surprisingly humorous given the subject matter and the fact that it’s semi-autobiographical) and The Thorn Birds for this reason; seeing that they were suddenly in the eye-catching Kindle top ten sellers.

I’ve completely lost the flow of this crochet post now and am thinking about The Thorn Birds book, combined with mixed up memories of the tv series!
In summary: This is my new make and I’m re-reading a long-ago-read-book. I now need to decide what kind of pudding I’m making for family dinner at the weekend!

What are you making, reading, planning?

ETA: Apologies – Judith Kerr is still among us! See comments below. 

8 thoughts on “All at Sea Shawl II 

  1. That shawl looks lovely! I am looking forward to going down to 3 days a week at work from May so I have more time for reading and crafty stuff. The Thorn Birds seems to have passed me by both on TV and as a book, must give it a go sometime.
    And I hope you will be pleased to hear that Judith Kerr is still going strong at 91 – she was on James Naughtie’s Book Club on R4 recently talking about Pink Rabbit, maybe that’s what’s improved the sales?

    • Thanks Jen!
      Of course I’m pleased she’s alive still, how bizarre though as sure I’d recently read of her death! But then this isn’t the first time; I was once saying to someone how sad it was that the author of The Number One Ladies Detective Agency, Alexander McCall Smith had died just when the books and tv series had taken off, when he hadn’t.

  2. I actually have about three projects on the go at the moment. I have an Avatar, granny square, and another flower granny square blankets. I sadly cannot work on them as much as I want because of Carole tunnel however.
    As for books, I read whatever genre and free book I can find on my Kindle. A trip to a library is going to come soon because I too miss the curling of the pages as they’re read.

  3. Planning to make another rose brooch for a friends 40th this week, reading trash, and making a dent in my blog catch-ups. That yarn is gorgeous.

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