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This new Siri is not nearly is sexy sounding as the old guy (yes, we have male voiced Siri) plus his sense of humour sucks! (‘Sucks’ – too much Glee while crocheting. I need to watch something that’s going to increase my vocabulary, not the opposite?!) If you dictate a stupid question, you get a stupid answer – but this was important stuff.


This genuinely made me cringe and yelp a bit when I saw it the other day. Urgh, the thought of dog lick is foul. Cats are fine though…


Ah yes, I totally agree.


Everywhere I go I seem to end up stumbling into ‘Christmas rooms’ and this was one of the biggest and the best. It was so lovely I was singing along to Let It Snow and realised there were at least half of a dozen others joining in too.
There’s a thingy on the left which you can just see, where you can put you head up into after crawling under half the table top scene. It’s for children really I suppose and I wasn’t brave enough to have a go, but how cute to see the trains going past your nose and Santa flying past. Can you spot him?
Funnily as I’ve been looking at this as a large sized pic on my iPad, I’ve noticed a few things are leaning or have fallen down. The ice skater makes sense, maybe the couple of cool kids leaning against the rink is a deliberate move, but I’m not sure about the other thing.

Winter’s definitely on the way when you see sprout sticks appearing in the farm shops. Roast chicken with roast potatoes, parsnips, sprouts and carrots, homemade stuffing with steaming hot gravy over will be happening on Sunday.

I’m going to crochet the border and darn the ends of my ripple over the weekend. The end is in sight!

There are thousands of blogs out there but I’ve realised you can only really connect with a certain number. When one becomes inactive, especially if you’ve followed them for years, you naturally begin wondering if the person is okay. When I started mine I connected with quite a number of people who were also new to blogging. We’ve been in touch for nearly three years now, but lately I’ve realised quite a few of these are only posting sporadically, or have stopped completely. I’m wondering if there is maybe a natural end to a blog? People get busy and interested in doing different things. I know I’m not posting much at the moment; but how many photos of the same ripple blanket do people want to see anyway? Have you also noticed your favourites dropping off?

More importantly: what are you going to be eating at the weekend? I do love details like this.

Happy weekend everyone.

13 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Don’t go please. I love the glimpses you give us. Love your that and this. And there is nothing wrong with a dog lick if you can have a jolly good wash afterwards. Blogs evolve don’t they reflecting where one is now. Mine does I think. I have nearly run out of photo space again which means I shall have to spend sometime deleting old posts which is fine by me. Food… Shepherds pie tonight, roasted lamb steaks tomorrow and a veggie curry on Sunday. Oh yum. Have a good weekend and don’t go.

    • Funnily we’d had SP for dinner the night before I posted, it’s such a good comfort food dinner isn’t it?
      I’m not going, no plans to at the moment anyway. I’ve got to finish and show these blankets. ;-) I was musing and have decided it’s just that time of year where you notice the gaps – I didn’t spent much time online during the Summer, but now is when I curl up and catch up on blog reading.
      Hope you had a good weekend Nana C.

  2. I think some people stop posting on their blog because something changes and they no longer have time but some people keep going. Lucy at ‘Attic 24’ has been going for almost seven years from what I can see.
    I would be sad to see you stop (enjoyed today’s photographs) but I suppose you have to ask if you are still enjoying it? There is no point going on if it’s no fun or you want to spend the time differently.
    My blog has been going for almost three years but I don’t see me stopping in the near future.

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed them. I just love that Christmas scene. It’s so magical.
      No plans to stop at the moment, I like sharing random pics and the crafty stuff too of course. I am really looking forward to making more smaller bits and bobs again.

    • The CAL was about crocheting all the blocks in the Jan Eaton book along with other crochet addicts. I’m not going to necessarily make an item with them all…but you’ll have to keep watching this space won’t you? *evil laughter*

  3. Please don’t go quite yet! You haven’t revealed what you did with your cottage garden squares! Or maybe you did and i missed it?!

  4. I’ve only been blogging for a year and a half, and my enthusiasm ebbs and flows, but I like to think I will still be doing this in a year and a halfs time. Never say never I guess! Food-wise, Wahacca has just opened in Cardiff so going to try it out! Have a great weekend :-)

  5. I suppose things change people change hence why their blogging stops or slows. Your right too in that you need something to blog about…… however I’m enjoying hearing about your blankets as I want to start one next year!

  6. I find I often have a topic for a post in my head and sometimes even take pics for it, but then I don’t get the sit-down time and the idea passes and I’m onto the next idea…. Or, I sit down to blog and start reading everyone else’s and make a few comments and then…oh crap two hours has gone by and I still have to finish x number of things and get to the library…..
    I’m hoping that my occasional comments let my blogging buddies know that I am still here. And post wise, I think I’m down to one or two a month :( :(
    But I don’t think that’s a problem? – I’m not one of those super power-blogs with flashing pop-up ads that needs to be updated daily. It is what it is. And you are what you are, and you’re not to stop. Finished. :-)

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