The gloves are on



What a change from the end of last week. The scarf, hat and glove box is live. Typical autumn weather has returned.

This week one of my new v stitch scarves had its first outing, and I wore my fingerless mitts. Only twice though, then I swapped them for proper gloves. Fingers and all as it’s now dropped 10-12 degrees. I had to laugh, as a lady at the bus stop saw me wearing the fingerless pair and said she’d been wondering about them, and if “they really work.”

It’s a rainy Saturday and the Wales v Australia rugby match is playing out on the TV. I’ve got Bose noise cancelling headphones on, catching up with Liza Tarbuck’s show from last Saturday on the BBC radio iplayer. The music’s so good that I’m sofa bopping as I ripple.

What are you up to?

6 thoughts on “The gloves are on

  1. Hi there! Yes, you are right, now the time has come to wear my woollens!!! ;) I’ve already worn my knitted wristwarmers, hat and crochet cowl that I just finished making, this week. Here in Belgium temperatures already dropped to 5 degrees yesterday!!!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Ingrid xx

  2. I want to steal your ripple. How fun to pick from an arraignment of handknit scarves and mitts! I like the leather of your purse.
    I just survived the last of PTA’s first rush for this year. Hopefully it’ll be mellow for the rest of the year.

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