Woolly jumpers on!





It was such a lovely day on Sunday; 17 deg and no need for a warm jacket. We sat on a bench and I was just saying how perfect it was to put your head back and feel the warm rays on your face, when I clonked my head on the back of the bench. I’d like to say this is a rare kind of clonk, but sadly it’s not. At a friend’s housewarming I apparently threw myself down onto her sofa, after unpacking lots of boxes, and hit my head on the bookcase which had been placed behind. I don’t really remember that one. Maybe I concussed myself!

Anyway. the walk, weather and sight of the trees, berries and wild fungi were beautiful. I really LOVE autumn. Always have.


This is the first one I’d seen this season, on Sunday, but then I stumbled into full-on Christmas yesterday in a ‘room’ in Homebase. I like it in October, that’s when I begin to get little tingles about Christmas, the colourful lights and decorations to come. By December the relentlessness of it has worn me down somewhat, then on the actual few days it’s all fun again. Until the next year…


The weather’s gone back to typically autumn temps with wind and rain featuring quite a bit this week. But the advantage of autumn and winter blanket making is being able to cosy under them while you crochet! The ripple is over half-way now and I’ve come up with a really cunning plan about the design. More on that another day.

Shotgun Lovesongs - Picador I’m really enjoying my Shotgun Lovesongs audio book. It’s perfect for rippling along to. The four main characters: Henry, Beth, Lee and Ronnie are dramatised by different narrators/actors. I’m loving the the way a couple of them pronounce words like ‘orange’ and ‘mirror’! I’m not sure if that’s due to them aiming to sound like authentic Wisconsinsites, but I likey.


Tonight I’m making fish chowder for dinner. It’s a Lesley Waters recipe and you can find it here.


What are you cooking, eating, making, reading?

10 thoughts on “Woolly jumpers on!

  1. The clonking of head sounds exactly like something I’d do, that made me laugh out loud. Thanks! I also agree with what you say about Christmas. I used to put decorations up on the 1st December as I get so excited about it all, but by the time the big day rolls round, I’m over it. So I’m trying to reign in my excitement this year. Just a little.

  2. Busy girl.
    I’m finishing off the crocheted animal beanie order (still have some rhino horns to finish) and then starting on the sunhat order :-) Two markets this weekend as well, so busy busy happy happy :-)
    I love autumn, too. It’s my favourite season. Spring is second best. Summer is my absolute worst. We’re cooking here already, and it’s still only October :(

      • No, it’s not wrong. Horns looks very regal and dignified on real rhinos, but they do look pretty odd on a beanie I’ll agree.
        Yes, busy is good, thanks.
        Average – probably around 30, but can go up to 38 or so which is really horrible when you’re driving around and trying to wade through your day. On the days over 40, I don’t even try. I just lie gently on my bed and pray for a breeze.

  3. Intrigued by the audiobook… Will hav a search for it. No work today but the boys are still at school…. Yippee! The coffee is made and the fire is lit. What next? Book or crochet?

  4. At the moment I never know what to wear with the weather! I’m currently reading A Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan. Im only a hundred pages in or so but enjoying it so far.

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