Lately I’ve been whipping up dishcloths. I’ve tried a few different, slightly fancier, versions in the past but apparently the plain and simple trebles give good scrub-ability! I’ve been knitting or crocheting dishcloths for several years now as they’re very popular with a few relatives. One boils hers every week and so it’s been a stringent test of my darning! (Passed. Gold star.)






I’m trying to get on with the motif blanket now. I’ve crocheted one motif in about four weeks so have to really get cracking ….tra la la la la, la la la la and all that….

I’ve darned as I’ve gone lately, but as you see some of the motifs I began with are not yet; so the middles are a bit pulled out, they’ll be nice and tightly uniform at the end.

Are you crocheting at the mo?

16 thoughts on “CROCHET

  1. Interesting to hear what you have to say about dishcloths as I have only made three and the first two (the other was a gift) are wearing so well that I don’t know when I will have to make another but I know a different pattern would be better. I bleach mine every so often and although the red edge on one of them is getting paler, it really makes them good as new.

  2. Those crochet squares are lovely. I am knitting a jumper for my old man and sewing a doll for my granddaughter. Today was all about attaching the bodice to the skirt of a dress. Fid er Ly !!

    • They were chosen for me, it’s a blanket for a bedroom to coordinate with a pair of William Morris design curtains.
      It’s all pastels and pretty, pretty Cath Kidson type palettes so these do stand out at the moment I think.

  3. I am crocheting a simple shawl now. Was inspired by yours and the fact that my arms always get cold. Can’t wait to see your finished motif blanket.

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