All at Sea Shawl

I haven’t crocheted, knitted or sewn (at all for the last) this summer. But as soon as the weather dropped ten degrees it was as if a switch in my brain had been flicked! Now I feel consumed with excitement about all the things I’m going to make this autumn.
IMG_7357.JPGI really liked the look of this v stitch shawl in issue 22 of Simply Crochet and started mine straight after buying it. The pattern is by the coolly named Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz. She’s elizyart_crochet on IG (Instagram – join if you fancy a continuous flow of lovely crochet, knitting sewing, food, garden etc photos) if you want to see her work.

Because I’m using a DK yarn, rather than lace weight, my shawl is slightly smaller than the pattern. That’s ok because I’m really enjoying the crochet and I’ll do as many repeats as I need to get the size I want. I’m planning on making a much larger version of this shawl.

I’ve never done v stitch before. If you’re on IG you’ll have seen many photos of v stitch blankets popping up all the time. It’s one of those things – it’s new so I wonder how hard a stitch it is and will I be able to do it? Yes, silly! The version in this pattern is simply tr, ch 2, tr in the same stitch. How easy is that?


I adore Lang’s Tosca Light. It’s a soft wool blend and has amazing colour gradations, which the camera might not have picked up. I’m using a 100g ball I picked up in Masons ages ago, after I spotted it in the bargain bin for only £4.
Onwards with the crochet – it’s a grey day, the footy’s on tv so I’m occasionally sipping a glass of red wine and am about to retreat into The Silkworm audio book. Multi tasking at its best!

Happy weekend to you! What are you doing? Tag me with your #widn (what I’m doing now) pic on IG if you’re there.

16 thoughts on “All at Sea Shawl

  1. Yes I also prefer it in the DK! I’m finding crochet quite relaxing. I’m loving the repetition in my first every crochet WIP. I can just sit there and work on it now without thinking too much about it.

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