Old Neptune, Whitstable

Another week away, it’s not a proper Summer holiday if it doesn’t include the sea.

Yes, lots of pictures of dead fish but aren’t they great to look at? All shiny fresh and ready to make delicious meals. I’ve included the price board in the fish market because someone will find it interesting. I occasionally write down prices in my diary, knowing I’ll be comparing then and now, fascinated in the future.

I have to capture the colours of the fishing boats in the harbour, the blue sky and the fluffy white clouds. I love staring too, drinking in all the colour and movement. The fishing boats draw a crowd of onlookers. After elbowing a few children aside and pushing a couple of Grandmas into the water I was able to peer into the boxes stacked with fish, exciting but I really couldn’t tell you exactly what kind.

Lager shandy, chips, a lemon sherbet or rhubarb & custard in the car, miles and miles walked each day, wild plums picked and eaten, trying to spit the stones out as far as possible while walking along a coastal path (but usually just bouncing next to my shoe, useless) intending to buy greengages while they’re in season, but inexplicably not getting around to it, reading The Memory of Lost Senses by Judith Kinghorn and not knowing whether to shout ‘Just get on with the reveal!’ or revel in the slow pace and unfolding of the not-really-a-mystery, navigating old style; leaving the Sat Nav shut away, searching for sea glass treasure; trying not to put my iphone in the same pocket, enjoying the folk music, Morris dancers and the Tap & Sync Appalachian dancers (from Northamptonshire which is surprising somehow) at Broadstairs Folk Festival, losing a pounds-worth of two pence pieces in an arcade, feeling no need to crochet, knit or sew until going into a Margate Vintage shop and seeing someone crocheting behind the counter, then really having that itchy fingers feeling, lingering in shady lanes looking for geocaches and receiving curious glances from dog walkers, laughing at out of context fragments of other people’s conversations, feeling a curious hint of Autumn in the air, noticing darker early evenings, cooler breezes, beginning to anticipate cooking soups, casseroles and Autumn fruit crumbles….

Off to the South coast next, the last seaside trip of the summer.

The next post will contain knitting, and nothing else but knitting. What a treat to see craft on a craft blog!

9 thoughts on “Whitstable

  1. Lovely pictures and post. Bet Mr Little Room loved the fish!! And you did away with sat nav. I have gone off mine too this year and used maps and the Classic AA route planner. Much better idea of the geography of where I went. Love the picture of the Old Neptune, was it nice inside- well you bought those shandies from somewhere!
    Can’t wait to see your next trip. Ah the wool can wait till September.

    • It’s amazingly wharped as the foundation is wooden too – the floor is wavy and things tilt! You know it’s not you, but wonder if you can blame it all on the building – not the drink!

      Oh yes, always enjoys a good fish mongers / market 😉

      Thanks C x

  2. Sounds idyllic, very envious as I’ve been working all through the summer so far with just one day off in Sheffield … roll on whenever we finally manage to get away!

  3. I can smell the sea from here….great pics as usual. And yes, I’m interested in the prices of the fresh fish. It’s pretty expensive here, but (depending on the type) still lots more up your way.

  4. Looks like lovely weather. Interested to see fish prices. I mostly buy herring and mackerel because they are cheap and I like oily fish. Surprised the mackerel cost so much more than the herring. Must be a difference of location I suppose.

  5. Crikey!! What wonderful memories you have stired up for me. I remember going there when I was a child and it seems to me it hasn’t changed one little bit. Thank you for sharing xx

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