I was given Beyond the Square for Christmas, but haven’t made a single motif until this week. The other evening I thought I’d play with #118 and figure how to join it as I went. It took five tries and I got it, I think. Others might have sussed it out differently but mine looks like it will probably work. Since then I’ve had a little production line going making middles and am now round twoing them all.

I have no idea what I’m making, or for whom, as it’s been so spontaneous but it’s another way to use up some of my oddments of Stylecraft.


As I crocheted half-finished motifs, and tossed them into the basket beside me, I realised the colours are echoing those in my bouquet. This is nice, I like it.

Some stack their middles and half-done motifs beautifully, others lay them out in imaginative patterns to photograph; mine are tossed into a basket ends up and bedraggled! It’s all about doing some crochet again, not artful photographs. I can attempt to redress the balance and make sure they’re laid out with a CK mug of coffee in the background (tho I mostly drink tea) or my socked feet in the picture if you like? All the blogging photo cliches by request.

Stop being silly and go into the garden.
The potato leaves are looking lush and healthy, hopefully the potatoes are too. I can’t wait to dig into the soil and see them.


So many strawberries for one plant! My friend’s are redder and huge too, I think they get more sun in her garden, but I’m pleased my plant came through our wet Winter so well.
The first tomato. I bought two varieties this year; yellow Golden Sunrise and Gardener’s Delight, a red cherry.
The pepper plants look ready to fruit too. I’ve grown extra to swap with family this weekend.

I’ve baked wholemeal and a white seeded – poppy, sunflower and pumpkin – loaves for this week’s daily bread. The white is a bit darker brown than usual on top, I blame that motif I was trying to whizz around – rather than just putting it down and getting to the oven a few minutes sooner. It’ll be fine though. The bottom and sides are a nice colour.


For a week I’ve felt under par, waking up in the early hours with a thumping headache and sore neck/throat, had a hacking cough with lots of sighing and a bit of grumping. Today is the first time I’ve truly felt like myself and even slightly dynamic, rather than going through the motions. Three lots of washing washed and hung on the line too. It’s been a good day.

Oh and now it’s raining again, doesn’t that always happen just after you’ve done the watering?!

How are you feeling this week?


Oh by the way rather than just staring, hearting and commenting on others’ pics (only in the last few weeks – what can I say, I’m slow) I’ve started to join in on Instagram. Only three pics so far, but there’s scope for more! Let me know if you’re there too. I like the way you can swap quick chatty comments and search for hashtags, it feels like the best aspects of blogging and twitter. However I can’t imagine it replacing blogging, for me, because you’re limited word-count-wise…!

19 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. I love motif #118 as you know Rachell and can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    Will keep an eye out for you on instagram.
    Keep up the wonderful photos..They make my day

  2. Your garden looks great…. Better than mine. Must do an update soon on that. Not tried Instagram. I spend too much time on the interwebs already!!

  3. Hope you feel back to your usual self soon. Your strawberries are further on than mine, as for your bread- can almost smell it from here ;-)

  4. Hope you’re feeling better soon, your garden is looking lovely and that bread is making me hungry! I haven’t made bread since I was in school! I’m on instagram the_eclectic_stitch I use it far more than blog because it’s so quick. But I’m trying to do both as not just post photos on my blog from instagram! lol!

      • I have a biggish tub and I tried growing carrots and they were too small and nobbly, The rocket did okay but the slugs ate my lollo rosso. I don’t eat potatoes or tomatoes not sure what would be easy in a pot.

        • Horrid things!
          Radishes? Peppers, capsicum like mine or chillies, though they might fare better in a sunny window, I usually have a pot in the kitchen this time of year. Spring onions? (Maybe?) French beans grow well up canes in a tub, sweetpeas too. They are gorgeous. I bought a highly scented variety of seeds and am so looking forward to a posy every day.

  5. I am on instagram @girlinknits. Great for inspiration too.. It means that I can keep hold of anything inspiring me at any one time. Your bread looks delicious!

  6. Beyond the Square is a great book. #118 is very pretty – I have made quite a few blankets using #40 (
    hklmonster is #17 (my favorite number btw) to follow you on instagram :)

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