Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon


Very exciting post has just arrived! It’s a preview copy of Kate’s (from Greedy for Colour) book: Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon.

My Stanley ran around beside himself with excitement to see it. He acted out many of the parts of the story as he read all about himself. Very sweet story it is too. There are crochet patterns at the end of the book to create your own characters and the hot air balloon. It’s so clever and full of little touches like using particular colours and fonts for specific words throughout the book.



Oooh! I love being mentioned in books. Thanks Kate. Very exciting, although I have to say I only played a tiny part, testing the Stanley pattern. He’s got to be the coolest crochet I’ve done.

Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon will be available to buy from July. See Kate’s blog for more details nearer the time.

4 thoughts on “Stanley and the Hot Air Balloon

  1. Lovely to wake up this morning and see Stanley in England with you…and his brother/cousin! I did wonder whether your little fellow would be able to soar up high in his hot air balloon basket though! Mrs A

  2. It does look like a gorgeous book. Wish my boys were smaller! Although they are such softies they probably wouldn’t object to a Stanley. Might have to get it anyway!

  3. wow – what a great project to be involved with and a fun one too. Your little Stanley looks super cute and the book looks fab – what a great idea for a book. I have a friend who would love this and she’s just teaching herself to crochet so it will make a perfect present :). Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too – I’m very tempted by the liquorice allsorts jumper xx

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