Simply Crochet (16)




Next week, if you get a copy of Simply Crochet, you’ll see what I was doing with these beautiful cottons in January. It’s been hard not to mention anything – it goes against my nature not to talk about exciting things!

12 thoughts on “Simply Crochet (16)

  1. Ooh , you are a tease :) I hope you do a post about it anyway….I can’t get SC over here in France .
    Made the porridge with the coconut btw….it’s really delicious ! It will definitely be a regular thing for me now , so thanks for the great idea x

  2. Over here in the states, we are about 6 weeks behind. I just got issue 14 (January) last week!! I could download, but I just love having a magazine in my hand. Have a great weekend.

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