This morning

We’d run out of bread yesterday so I decided to mix up the ingredients for another artisan loaf last night.

This time I used strong white bread flour and left my Kenwood mixer bowl in the airing cupboard overnight as the residual heat is greater than leaving it in the, unheated, dining room overnight.

We’ve just tried half a slice and crust. It’s got a crispy, chewy crust and soft texture. Wonderful! But how can I take any credit when you simply mix, leave, shape and bake? I don’t feel like I’m doing anything.
If you missed it here’s my first loaf with links to the recipe.
I won’t go on about my bread anymore. Promise.

Right, back to the little room where I’m sipping peppermint tea, listening to
The Great Gatsby soundtrack and crocheting. What a nice Monday!

4 thoughts on “This morning

  1. Look at those air bubbles, looks great. We are spoiled by having an extremely good cooperative artisan bakery in another village nearby. They bring their wares to our market but you have to be their early to get any. Mr P also passes their stall on a Wednesday on his way home from work. Can’t resist it when he buys some! SW will not be pleased with me but I am going to make this on Friday night so we can have it on Saturday lunch time.

  2. Oooh, thats looks lovely.I love to make bread but never find the time. I might try a bit of weekend baking though-will let you know how I get on :-) xx

  3. The bread looks soooo yummy and you are right it sounds like you had a wonderful and relaxed Monday :)
    I have a question for you Rachel… When you did the CAL last year making every block from a book did you have to ask perdition from the author to do that ?
    I’m thinking about doing a KAL but wasn’t sure if I need perdition. Thx so much :)

  4. I used this recipe too! It is so good. I have made a couple plain loaves, one with honey and We added jalapeno and cheddar to eat with chili. I really don’t think you can mess this recipe up. I love your blog and am enjoying going back and reading your older posts. Have a great day.

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