First circular hat!

I’m pretty pleased with this hat. It’s very stretchy and warm. As the title says it’s my first on circular needles. Just getting the correct 40cm cable with the right 6mm short tips was a little time consuming. 40 cm cable is so short it needs 10cm Symfonie KnitPro needle tips to be useable, rather than the standard interchangeable circular set. Mine look pretty short to me, but are 12.5cm. I got there in the end despite being rather fuzzy about it all. But this was, I freely admit, a #firstworldproblem !

I used yarn left over from my crochet Seashell Scarf and Cabled Owl Jar Cosy mainly because it’s the only chunky I have. It’s Marble Chunky by James C. Brett by the way. Cheap and very cheerful. I do like the variegated colours and the stripy effect near the ribbing.

20131205-111741.jpgHow differently the colours look in this photo! It’s the shifting light. Scotland has 100 mph winds today and the north of England is also suffering. Traffic news is full of lorries blown over on roads. Down south we just have a blustery day with very grey skies.

This Slouchie Beanie pattern designed by Tanis Gray is available free on Ravelry.  I first saw the hat on Hannah’s Not Your Average Crochet blog.  Mine has a mistake or so well, technically it’s got many more than one or two I think, but you can only really tell if you look inside and who would be rude enough to check and scrutinise? The first of anything using a completely new technique is unlikely to be perfect. If I knit another I would try to make it slouchier as it’s not really very, but I’m more likely to surf for different patterns as I like to try new projects all the time. If you have a good recommendation please let me know.

20131205-111756.jpgI hope you’re warm and well wherever you are, hot chocolate and a hat is the way forward here I reckon!

18 thoughts on “First circular hat!

  1. Hi Rachell ,well done with your hat…I really like the colours.
    I can recommend a really easy pattern,but it’s crochet not knitting . I found it recently on the blog” Little Things Blogged ” and the pattern is featured on the post of 16th November 2013 entitled ’20 Crochet Gift Ideas to Make’ .Its the Urban Slouchy Beanie and I’ve made two so far for myself and sent a third to a good friend in England. It’s a lovely quick and easy pattern …warning , it’s highly addictive :)
    Greetings from a freezing fog-bound Charente …bbrrrrr … thank goodness I’ve got my beanies :)
    Carole x

  2. It’s really lovely, I love the colour, too. Your knitting is coming along nicely :-) I have found that “slouchie” is relative depending on head size and amount of hair. This looks like it would be spot-on for me – but, unlike you, we do not need woolly hats here right now, we have the opposite problem with the weather.

  3. Your hat looks great. Hats and me don’t get on or else I’d make loads of them ;-) I recently used some James C Brett marble chunky too and found it to be good value for money.

  4. I have some Marble chunky sitting in a bag right next to me waiting to be started. Was going to be another cowl but I’m off to look at the slouchy crochet hat Carole mentioned.

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