Soothing Granny Squares

After a really really frustrating week, craft wise, with faulty knitting needles, the wrong size cables for my new KnitPro Symfonie interchangeable needle set (bought with my crochet commission ) and a pattern I can’t seem to get to grips with (does it work for lefties???? Is it me???? I’ve turned to the designer for help and will hopefully see what’s the issue next week) I’ve turned to my soothing easy-to-do-with-your-eyes-closed (I’ve tried) huge granny squares.

I’ve just arrived at a hotel and am in the room waiting for my weekend with the girls to begin. Roll on wine, chocolate etc as well as some longish bracing seaside walks, we hope! Meanwhile I thought I’d show you how my huge Granny Squares are going along. Last night I crocheted the rest of the squares’ centres as it feels downhill from there if you know you have all the pieces in progress. It works for me anyway.

I like these cheery squares but have to admit that I feel I’ve used this combination of colours enough now; which is why I wanted to use up my leftovers and move on to others in the future.






20131129-151103.jpgThe number of times I’ve changed the title of this post is laughable – Granny love – sounds a bit dodgy to me today, Granny therapy – err no, Soothing Huge Grannies – hmmmm not! Think I might need the clarity a glass or two of wine will bring…

Have a fun weekend all. See you on the other side!

8 thoughts on “Soothing Granny Squares

  1. Ooooooo I’m looking forward to the wine tonight too. It really should have been Friday yesterday. The HSGs look great, very jolly and colourful. Enjoy your weekend, I’m off to search for saffron yellow ;)

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been having a frustrating week, but it seems that granny squares always manage to soothe the soul and cheer people up :) I do love your colour combination, very happy colours.

    I had a giggle at your possible post title selections :) Hope you enjoy your wine tonight!

  3. Sorry to hear about the hiccups in your week Rachel, hope they all get sorted soon. Your granny squares are looking all bright and cheerful. Do enjoy your time with the girls – I’m sure you will, haha! Joy

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