Naff appliqué

I’m not joking!




Shocking isn’t it? The appliqué  is dreadful – my first ever and on a brand new machine, started before we made the sewing machine cover. The red edged appliqué was the first I did  and as for the rest ummm errr…it was during a mellow weekend afternoon, the kind where you’re feeling relaxed and happy, totally forgetting the beers you had at lunchtime. The tension, alighment – or lack of – Oops!

And the bears?! They were a piece of old fabric in a bag of oddments I’ve been given. Well it’s not a t-towel to give as a present that’s for sure! We think they’re the most unsmiling, serious looking characters ever. Why would you make anything for a child with such miserable looking teddies on it? Give me the Wombles any day – they were definitely smiling under all the fake fur!

It was crying out for something so I added the embroidery. There are stem, split and chain stitches. It’s not my finest make but something about it does make me smile. And wince a little too.

Naff Appliqué music choice: Sloe Gin – Bellowhead.

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