Knitted dishcloth, button nerdiness & anticipation

I’m wondering really if I need to start seeking out a dishcloth/washcloth anonymous group soon, because I still seem to be held in the grip of an obsession.

Last night I sat and knitted my way through a Strictly and Gilmore Girls intending to finish another washcloth (in the softest bamboo cotton, not dishcloth string like the one above!) and because I couldn’t seem to stop have ended up with the makings of a scarf. It looks just like the type we used in Brownies and Guides. This morning I’ve held it up and wondered if I should undo half but I might carry on for the fun of it and decide at the end. I’ll post my version of the pattern whatever it becomes.

Really feeling I need to write a blanket apology about the awful photos you’ll see from now until Spring. I’m a clicker not a photographer – that’s obvious – and the blankety grey skies with terrible light levels are not helping at all, sorry.

We stopped here recently and ate a delicious lunch, then wandered around the full to the brim Most Marvellous shop where I bought bags of colour coordinated buttons. I’m going to look out for a big jar – I have so many different little tins and jars of buttons. I guess they’re more colour coded sorted separately, but I do fancy having a big jar full to the brim on the windowsill in the little room. It will provide a handy distraction to stare at when I’m meant to be doing more sensible stuff on the PC!

On Sunday I’ve been invited to a rather exciting event. I can take a plus 1 and asked a couple of crafty friends if they wanted to accompany me. The first is booked on a card making workshop, the second is attending a book-binding course on Sundays. I love my friends! This did make me grin, my busy creative friends.

As the invitation helpfully stated that the +1 could be friend or family or someone from the blogging community I had a little think about who and had a brainwave. She replied within minutes sounding very excited about finally meeting after a few years of internet contact, and about the thing, which frankly is quite exciting!

To be continued….. ;-)

12 thoughts on “Knitted dishcloth, button nerdiness & anticipation

  1. I have all my buttons in an old ham jar on the living room windowsill. I currently have them arranged in a rainbow but sometimes my girls love to organise them for me. They get a big tray and tip out all the buttons and have fun playing with them.

  2. I used to love sorting through my grandma’s button tin when I was little so I started my own years ago.. Whilst neither of my boys really developed a love for this activity I still enjoy the sound and feel of rummaging through loose buttons!

  3. Glad that you liked The Bell…..our knitting group meets here every two weeks, on Tuesday mornings…and we also are always tempted by Most Marvellous, which has a second shop in the centre of Northampton.

  4. Dishcloths are very fashionable now, they attaned photo shoots, don’t you know! I spotted one in a photo in a free mini cookery book from SW recently.

  5. I reckon you could keep going with that beautiful purple yarn and make a cosy shawl to brighten up your winter, and maybe that’ll break your obsession too? I’m looking forward to the next episode on the exciting event – enjoy it! Joy

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