The Big Knit

I’ve just popped to the post office to send my small contribution to The Big Knit. Last year a few of my friends joined in but I didn’t have my knitty head on at all at that point. This week I decided to try the basic pattern and found it really fast with minimum sewing up, so I’ve made a few for the project.





The Big Knit raises money for Age UK. Take a look at The Big Knit site, linked above, there are some amazingly impressive hat designs! People are posting pics of their finished hats on Twitter using the #bigknit hashtag – if you want to see them.

The number of hats that Age UK are tweeting about receiving just today is incredible.
It’s too late to join now as the hats have to be received by Monday, but you can look out for a hat adorned smoothie to buy and contribute to the fundraising that way.

By the way The Mile of Mice fundraiser and record setting attempt in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society has achieved their goal of over 7,000 mice! The official measure and record setting will happen at the end of next month. I really love all the current charity crafting, it’s a really fun way to raise money and awareness of various charities.

7 thoughts on “The Big Knit

        • My friend was saying the same when we went to knitting group. What I suggest is look at the two sides: one is wavy and bumpy looking, the other is smooth, rather elegant and pretty with ‘V’ shape stitches. Knit is the easier stitch…so…when you hold the knitting in your left hand is the pretty side facing you? It’s time to knit next as it goes with pretty side when you’re doing stocking stitch. When the side facing you is wavy and less…pretty… it’s time for the purl row. Does that help? She said it did but tell me if it’s confusing in type, it’s trickier when not in person pointing at the knitting and gesticulating wildly :-)

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