I’ve been a bit knitty

The plan was practise my new knitting technique and make myself a garment.Then I rethought that because that would mean a whole new order of yarn and I had other plans for my gift card – as you know – so decided to make some little garments for a friend’s baby, with some of my leftover yarn. I’m not totally convinced they’ll fit, to me they look too teeny tiny tiny for her, but it’s hard to tell. We’ll see.


This is not a posed photo, although it looks like it might be, I was actually showing Mum what I’d been knitting lately and doing the beseeching look which tries to convey ‘I’d LOVE to sew these up but would equally LOVE it if you want to offer to do them for me. In fact that would be super all round.’ No go. Even when I bluntly asked her she laughed and said no. Pah!

13 thoughts on “I’ve been a bit knitty

  1. Ha ….I share your pain ! I absolutely loathe the sewing up part and years ago I used to get my Mum to do the ghastly job for me .I’ve only recently started knitting again and have just,in the past month,discovered the joy of knitting with circular needles(the very idea of them used to freak me out) but ….whoopee …no stitching required !…and they can be used like straight needles too – a win/win situation :) Lovely cosy colour forgone friend’s baby.Good luck with the stitching up !

  2. Isn’t it lovely to knit baby clothes – especially if you’ve just finished a full size adult something or other! Pity your Mum wouldn’t come to the party and do a bit of sewing up for you – it’s the worst part isn’t it! Anyway, it all looks very sweet and nice Rachel, and I have my fingers crossed for you that they do fit – it’s a bit tricky getting the size just right for the wee ones!
    Joy x

  3. the baby things are gorgeous, isn’t it lovely to make something that’s so quick to start and finish, after a whole lot of adult stuff! If you are making that stripey cat animal thing, I’ll be very intrigued. I’m not really a soft toy person but that critter looks quite appealing. :-)

  4. The jumper is a lovely colour! Really hope it fits but wool stretches a bit :-) Somehow I used to be able to convince my Mum to tie in my ends if I was tight on time……I also used to get her to cast off for me sometimes, but thats pushing it a bit I think really- don’t know how I got away with it!

    Sally x

    • It’s acrylic so it is the size it is, but that’s ok I can always pass it on to another if need be…
      The colour is ‘lipstick’ – the yarn’s Stylecraft Special DK. Thanks for to the comments, and good old Mum! I enjoy casting off, just impatient to make the next thing not do the finishing.

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