The year of getting things done

I’m not into reblogging really but reading an acquaintance’s interview with my friend Sarah, about her small business was a great start to the day.

If you’ve been reading along for a while you might remember me mentioning a friend of mine who creates amazing jewellery, and who inspired awe (and lots of envy) in being able to crochet under the table when we were at a conference type thing in 2011, without looking, or even needing to check her progress. This made me even more determined to crack the damn crochet code!

I always find Sarah’s determination to do what she dreams of inspiring. She blogged at the start of the year about this being the year of getting things done: from decluttering the house, to losing weight, to building special raised beds and then planting a vegetable garden, to pursuing and achieving her goal of opening a craft shop and gallery, she is well on the way to ticking all these off her list. Wow!

If you are also inspired, or even a tiny bit interested, please *like* her new Facebook page for her forthcoming shop.

Sarah hasn’t asked me to do this but I felt I wanted to share her story, it’s an inspiring read on a Monday morning. :-D

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mugsWelcome to Saturday Small Business Chat! I don’t feature so many new people now, as we have updates from our on-going interviewees running solidly throughout the year, but I couldn’t resist featuring Sarah Goode, aka Pookledo, who makes lovely handmade jewellery using semi precious gems and recycled vintage materials. I’ve known Sarah for years via our mutual hobby of BookCrossing, and in all that time, she’s always been making things, whether that’s clothes or jewellery. She’s doing the day job / self-employment dual career thing at the moment but recently reached a very exciting stage with her business when her offer was accepted on a shop in Loughborough. Sarah’s unusual out of all of my interviewees in having got a day job specifically to help and support her self-employment – an interesting thing to consider for many, I’m sure. Let’s see what’s happened so far …

What’s your business…

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