The year of getting things done

I’m not into reblogging really but reading an acquaintance’s interview with my friend Sarah, about her small business was a great start to the day.

If you’ve been reading along for a while you might remember me mentioning a friend of mine who creates amazing jewellery, and who inspired awe (and lots of envy) in being able to crochet under the table when we were at a conference type thing in 2011, without looking, or even needing to check her progress. This made me even more determined to crack the damn crochet code!

I always find Sarah’s determination to do what she dreams of inspiring. She blogged at the start of the year about this being the year of getting things done: from decluttering the house, to losing weight, to building special raised beds and then planting a vegetable garden, to pursuing and achieving her goal of opening a craft shop and gallery, she is well on the way to ticking all these off her list. Wow!

If you are also inspired, or even a tiny bit interested, please *like* her new Facebook page for her forthcoming shop.

Sarah hasn’t asked me to do this but I felt I wanted to share her story, it’s an inspiring read on a Monday morning. :-D

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