Slightly fuzzy photos of many treasures



Snapped with my iphone which never takes great photos when the light levels are low; but I really like the colour combination of this crocheted blanket.

I remember reading the same edition of Heidi when I was little, it was given to me by a relative who had kept her copy from when she was a young girl.


There are crocheted, knitted and embroidered items dotted around, you never know what you’ll find.

Treasure trove!

So delicate and pretty

And home to start crocheting string bag v.II. I’ve been pinning things for ages but just this week really, finally, understood how useful Pinterest can be after finding an assortment of string bags with links to FREE patterns.

This was my first trip out since getting ill. It was on Thursday and I was more than ready to leave the house, feeling fairly confident that all would be well. It was, apart from getting caught in a rain shower and slowly (quickly) turning into a drowned rat clothed in a jeans and a light Summer top. Then I passed someone I haven’t seen for fifteen years but the moment wasn’t right to call out a hello, with looking half drowned still and standing in pouring rain. Oops!

I was meant to be at Lucy’s Attic 24 open studio day today, but then for various reasons we had to cancel our weekend in Yorkshire. Ever have a few weeks where events you’ve really looked forward to don’t happen, as if on a roll of blah?

I shall cloak myself with optimism, put my happy (ier) face on and set out to find something cheering this morning. If it’s worth sharing I shall report back later. Wish me luck!

What are your plans today? I hope you have a good day.

8 thoughts on “Slightly fuzzy photos of many treasures

  1. Hope you’re feeling a lot better soon. I absolutely love Pinterest, it’s a real treasure trove of inspiration and patterns for everything.

  2. Was just wondering if you had made it to Yorkshire or not bothered. My weekend has become another mad one!! String bag is looking gooooooodddd. Looks like an excellent shop too. Enjoy chilling at home, sometimes its the best place to be ;)

  3. the little shop looks just like my kind of shop, but i would have gone STRAIGHT for whatever that furry thing is on the back of the chair! Is it a stole? LOVE fur. (fake, of course – I found a beautiful black bunny jacket in a thrift shop the other day and had to try it on, but I didn’t realise it was from REAL rabbits until I saw the label (real French ones, too!, not just any old rabbit) but just couldn’t bring myself to take it.
    Glad you’re finally feeling better, whatever you had can really knock the life out of a person. Sorry about Yarndale, but at least your bunting was there so you were there in spirit :-)

  4. Lovely treasures with many memories contained within no doubt – glad to hear you’re feeling better again but sorry you couldn’t speak with your old friend!

  5. Hi! I loved the pictures in this post. Crochet spotting is so fun! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling a wee bit under the weather recently, I hope things improve soon. Ex

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