Cotton baby bib


Crocheted for the baby to whom I gave the Jewel baby blanket. We visited the hospital the day after she was born and now unbelievably she’s already just over 2 months old, whew doesn’t time go fast?! Today a friend and I are going to visit her in London on the canal boat which is home.

I fancied making a little follow-up gift and feel liberated to try lots of new patterns now I have that end of term feeling, after the schedule of making three CAL blocks a week since September. Ya hooo!

The pattern is from Nicki Trench’s Cute and Easy Crochet book. I used the specified Rowan Handknit DK Cotton with 4mm and 3mm hooks. It’s really easy to make and is crocheted in the same sort of way I used for Prachi’s bag.

Have you made anything for family or friends lately?

26 thoughts on “Cotton baby bib

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  2. It is very lovely but I know how bibs get trashed (well they did in our house!). One blueberry and apple purée and they are stained forever. Don’t know what dishcloth cotton feels like but if its good and cheap and very washable it might be a better alternative to luxury rowan cotton??? Sometimes I’m too practical for my own good. Rowan cotton is much nicer for a present.

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