Buttercups & Bunting


Sunshine, blue clouds and lush green fields of buttercups, fringed with cow parsley. Rural England is beautiful in the Spring.

This was a very steep walk back up the hill from the river but taking a few photos always gives the perfect excuse for a quick rest.


Home to eat some delicious local produce from the farm shop and continue with the Yarndale bunting. As you see it’s really fast to crochet. I forgot to ask if any of you are planning to go? I’m thinking of going on the Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Buttercups & Bunting

  1. 10 seconds to notice and add the missing t – I thought ‘there’s no way anyone will have seen the new post and read it that quickly.’ I was wrong. There’s always one ;-)

    I like bunting, but was very over-it last year after the Royal Wedding, Jubilee and Olympics. I’ve revived my enthusiasm for it now it’s not covering everything, everywhere.

    • Your bunting looks fab. I’m going on Saturday with a gang of my crazy knitting friends, so it should be fab. Need to get my ticket :) x
      Would be nice to meet you if you decide to go Saturday instead x

  2. It’s dandelion madness round here. But it doesn’t look like that today, oh no, much much wetter. Typical bank holiday weather.

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