Week 35: CAL Blocks #109 #113 #117


#109 Four Square

It’s big one – 6″ sq.

There is something about the different way that this pattern is written which makes me wonder if it’s by Jan Eaton. All in all it’s tedious to crochet and I don’t like the feel of the fabric; it’s too dense. My mid block joins are a bit messy. I prefer them on the corners generally.

On a more positive note I like my colour combination!IMG_2385

#113 Wisteria

5 1/2″ sq.

Pretty, I like the cross effect that the chain spaces create.IMG_2383

#117 Granny in the Middle

5 1/2″ sq.IMG_2392

This week I’ve used a sewing machine for the first time in at least ten years, maybe fifteen. I went slowly. So slowly I think my cousin might have wondered if the repair shop had put a speed limiter on the machine! I sewed into thin air and rucked up the fabric, unpicked and tried again more successfully, forgot to go around a corner and plodded in a straight line, unpicked and resewed. In the end I did it; I sewed a simple lining for my knitted first-time-I’ve-cabled bag. I’ve got to hand-sew the handles around two lengths of piping cord, and finish slip stitching the lining to the cabled panels of my bag then I’ll show you. Proudly, with a bit (lots) of the 5 year old “Look! Look at what I’ve made!”

Have a great bank holiday weekend all in the UK, and enjoy your measily two days the rest of you! :-D

5 thoughts on “Week 35: CAL Blocks #109 #113 #117

  1. I agree with you about the squares, the first one is just plain odd (although I love your colours). Pleased to hear you are learning to sew (I told you it wasn’t hard, you just have to be patient). Having said that, I never ever do cabled knitting – I don’t have the patience!!, so I’m all the more impressed with your bag. And will you be adding any pom-poms to it?

  2. Lovely colours. I am convinced that the blocks from now on are penned by different people, the instructions are so different! Well done on the sewing. I am still learning how to use my scary new sewing machine, but enjoying it. Started a new project this week too..

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