Week 25: CAL BLocks #73 #74 #75


#73 Catherine Wheel

5 3/4″ square

R4 has a missing instruction. It should say ch3 at the beginning (which counts as a tr) If you picked up the book as a beginner, or not so experienced, this is the detail you need to know.

I’m not sure about the colour combo, but then I’ve said this quite often. I’d probably choose different colour combinations,  and not all in a rush just before the shop closed next time! Or, maybe the yellow was a mistake and the colours were sound before I added more?


#74 Seville

5 3/4″ square

Another editing issue: R7 should say [1 tr into next tr, 1 ch] lazy proofing, or like many companies perhaps they’ve sacked the proof editors thinking that computer programmes alone can pick up errors. When you read have you noticed how many mistakes have crept into contemporary novels? But, having said this please don’t judge me by all my mistakes; this is just another little crochet blog.

This needs blocking sooo badly, I know.


#75 Half and Half

6 x 5 1/2 ” rectangular! If I want to use this (and I do, it’s posh wool £££) I’ll have to redo it, but for now it’s shoved in one of my block boxes. It needs either fewer trebles or a smaller hook. I haven’t gone down the using different sized hooks route for different blocks because frankly I don’t want to fanny about here essentially making samples checking for measurements. Yah-boo for number 75!


The lateness of my posting (it’s usually around Friday/Saturday at the end of the CAL week) is due to having FUN! A girlies long weekend in Cardiff, Wales stalking the places where Gavin and Stacey was filmed (look it up and watch!!!) and generally mooching, talking and eating a lot of cakey type things.

I must admit that the CAL is beginning now to feel a bit like homework, or at least after a very fun weekend away when I know I’ve got to unpack, do washing and write this update. I’m also starting to wonder how the hell I can fix together blocks which differ in size as much as 3/4″. You might be sat smugly reading this thinking you’re not surprised and you expected a similar comment sooner or later, but it’s not really surprising to me either. I knew all along I’d feel like this at some point.

This is the plan: I’m finishing the blocks and then will sort out blocking, sizing, coordinating and joining issues…….later!


I’ve just heard a huge thump as my new knitting and Tunisian crochet books land on the door mat. YAY!

Have a good week blogettes.

5 thoughts on “Week 25: CAL BLocks #73 #74 #75

  1. Hi Rachel, Hope you are well … after seeing all your blocks develop, I decided to invest in the book to get inspiration for my next blanket (eventhough I’m still only half way through the first!!) I’ve defo decided on a granny square (I think every crochet enthusiast should have a granny sq under their belt) so that’s what my middle girl will be getting, I’m pondering a colour scheme for her room at the moment and hopefully I’ll get some good block ideas now too – have you had any faves or any that you defo didn’t enjoy?

    • The easiest thing would be to look through the CAL posts because if I hated/loved a block I’ve said as I go. There are a few I wouldn’t make again but also some real faves. I’ll probably do a best of the blocks at the end if you can wait a few months! X

  2. Glad you had a smashing weekend in Cardiff! You deserved some time off! I had the same problems with 75- which I used for an earlier project- so did drop the hook size and added in an extra row of trebles in each colour, which solved the problem. I have given in and use smaller hooks now on the trebles, but no messing with samples. 76 Granny stripes is even worse re being an oblong- I am hoping my stretches into shape!

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