Week 21: CAL Blocks #61 #62 #63

#61 Nine Patch Granny
5 1/2″ square
To join I slip stitched into the 2 outer loops so the edges sat side by side, this was rather than ss through all four loops as the book instructs. I chained 2 over the first seam when going across the first set of seams. I always use a smaller hook when joining crochet (3mm hook instead of the usual 4mm.)
Oh and for the final round the book says to 1ch, 1 dc into each tr and ch round edge; I ignored this and just did 1 ch to begin then dcs around. There was a similar mistake for one of the previous blocks I think?

#62 Edged Square
5 – 5 1/2″ ‘square’ urgh! This puts me off the corner blocks.

#63 Random Patches
5 1/2″ square
Oh gawd! On the last colour change I realised I was working with 26 stitches not 28. Oh la! (But I was never starting again.)
Darnarama too!
I love my curly edged group pictures, there’s something that appeals to me maybe because they’re non-conformist?! ;-)

I think my fave is the Random Patches block this week.

How are you getting on? Which block are you working on?

6 thoughts on “Week 21: CAL Blocks #61 #62 #63

  1. Looking at your colour changes on random patches, maybe mine are ok. The pictures in the book make them look like a sharp straight edge. Didn’t realise the mistake for nine patch granny, assumed it was dc’s all the way anyway!

      • You are right. On the picture of that block they are more visible. I was thinking of the one I was doing the other day, can’t remember its name now – couple of blocks before that.

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