The shrinking world

The world has become smaller since the internet has given us the opportunity to instantly link with people everywhere. Today I experienced the effect of this first-hand.

When I read that blogger Hannah was going to be in England over the Christmas break I suggested we maybe meet up for a cup of coffee somewhere. We did, today, and had a relaxed time wandering around some nice spots in Oxford. Sadly two of the three craft shops I wanted to show Hannah are closed between Christmas and New Year, however my favourite independent cafe, one of the oldest pubs in the city and a yummy (100% British beef) burger place were open. So we managed to achieve a good mix of culture, a  bit of craft and plenty to eat and drink!

I’m chatty (are you surprised?) and so it turns out is Hannah, so there was no struggle to find topics, I think we covered a pretty wide range in the time we shared.  As we already have the common interest of crochet (& knitting) we indulged in a tiny bit of yarn chat, compared craft shops (or lack of in Hannah’s case) and talked about the blogs we have in common. I wonder if the ears of Trish Jill Lucy or Heather  were burning as we talked about them and their blogs a little?


When you meet someone who is wearing a scarf, hat and pair of gloves you recognise, because you’ve already seen them (and read all about their conception) online, you understand again how small the world has become.

9 thoughts on “The shrinking world

  1. Ah that’s so nice! Bit like online dating??? (Which is how I met my partner, by the way). I have linked up in person with Maryanne from Woolhogs, but was a bit nervous beforehand and made extra sure my hair and make-up were perfect (hahaha). Blogging HAS made the world smaller, it’s quite amazing. It’s like having like-minded friends in a box that you can take out and play with whenever possible.
    I am hoping to be able to meet up with an American friend/blogger sometime next year, it’s still up in the air but she’s hoping to visit Pretoria – 14,000km from Cape Town – but life’s short, so I’m gonna do it!!!
    I haven’t been to the UK for nearly 10 years, but recently renewed my passport so…one never knows! And now that I know you’re so hospitable and friendly, I’ll be sure to give you a call and organise an outing :-)

  2. Scaringly I recognised the pub before I even opened this post!
    I’m pleased to see that you had a great time in Oxford. I love that city and try to visit fairly regularly. I am intrigued though as to the three shops. I wonder if my guesses are right…

  3. Ahhhh that why I had hot ears!! Sounds like you had a great time… I’m a bit envious ;) but I did get to go Hobbiting last night before the babysitters went home today.

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