Week 16: CAL Blocks #46 #47 #48

Today it’s very grey and damp again after a beautifully bright and lovely day yesterday. I don’t use a flash because it makes the colours look odd, so put the blocks in the brightest space I could find near the kitchen window.
#46 Meadow

There was a bit of counting to check this one was on track.
Nearly 6″ square

#47 Queen Anne’s Lace

I like the middle of this, it’s quite a pretty block. refreshing not to have to change colour and only two ends to darn.
The disadvantage is it’s one of the smallest blocks at 5 1/4 ” squarish. I think nearer the time to making up the blanket(s) this one might need an extra border or two to increase the overall size. I don’t think blocking will quite do it this time. I’m interested to see how this comes out size-wise for other Crochet Along (CAL)ers!

#48 Danish square

R2: I didn’t ss into the first of 9ch as I thought it too wibbly looking, I went into a dc I think.
R5: the pattern’s not specific about where to join yarn c, I went into the first of the 2dc of R4
I had to alter the yarn combination as I’m low on some colours now. I hope Father Christmas thinks I’ve been good this year. ;-)
6″ squarish


See the difference in size?
The Danish square is my favourite this week. I like the petal shape of the 4 middle holes.

I’m planning to carry on and do my usual 3 blocks next week, but will have to see how it pans out. My motivation is to get to the end of the CAL in good time and not stretch it out to next Christmas. Also I’m still enjoying the pattern reading and stitch practise, and when I look back to the crochet I was doing, very unconfidently as a beginner, this time last year it’s a great boost to my crochet confidence.


This afternoon I have more presents to wrap, fruit to soak in Armagnac, baubles to thread with gold ribbon and some reading/notes to do as I’m steadily plodding on with my studies.

I’m looking forward to King prawns in garlic and chilli with a crunchy winter salad and a baguette from the local French bakery for dinner tonight. Yum.

Where are you up to with your Christmas prep and what are you looking forward to eating this weekend?

7 thoughts on “Week 16: CAL Blocks #46 #47 #48

  1. I like the Queen Anne’s lace block… Very pretty.
    Today I have been doing the pre Christmas cleaning. My folks are arriving this evening so I have blitzed the living room and got Spare Oom (too much Narnia!) ready. Might do some baking this afternoon. I have almost finished the two plain blocks before these three – yay!

  2. Hi, I have done the same three block this week. I agree the Queen Anne’s lace is the nicest, and my danish square did look off centre- sensible to alter it! Have a Happy Christmas!
    I am going to try three blocks too this week- I agree it has built my confidence too on the crochet front.

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