Week 11: CAL Blocks #31 #32 #33

#31 Primrose Square
Another of my favourites so far. This would look really pretty in pinks (doesn’t have to be called a primrose square, could be a ‘dog rose’?)
6″ square

#32 Oblique Stripe
This took me back to block #1 with all the counting at the end of each row to make sure I’d gone into all the right stitches, there was no redoing this time so things must have improved!
I have to admit that even I’m half closing my eyes and sucking my breath in when I look at the colour combination I chose, so don’t worry if you are too!
This is a big un – 6 1/4″ square

#33 Pretty in Pink
Not so much pink, but I do think this is pretty.
5 3/4″ square – in my CAL notebook I’ve written ‘not very (square) ish’!

I’m sticking to my CAl Resolution and darning the ends of the blocks before starting the next set each time. I couldn’t bear to leave it until the end. What a job that would be!

The weather is so overcast that I’ve been taking photos of the blocks on one of our back doorsteps each Friday morning. Flash photos inside make the colours look odd.


*~*~*Which are your favourite blocks so far? *~*~*

PS:: If you have an American copy of the 200 blocks book then check the interweave site for a correction to the pattern for #35 Tricolour Square

6 thoughts on “Week 11: CAL Blocks #31 #32 #33

  1. Haven’t done these yet… Job for the weekend. I like primrose/dog rose too. Have been dreading No32 because of all the trouble with No 1! I think my favourite so far is No13 Circle in a square. It’s a bit folk-ey looking.

  2. Hello here!!!!! Im having trouble with #32 oblique stripe… First I’d like to say, I am in NO WAY a beginner at crocheting and I do all sorts of intricate doilies etc but for some reason my stitch count never is matching up on this pattern and I am verrrrrrrrry good at being precise in my stitching and making sure I go onto the right hole ect but I can not seem to get this square right! Also what is row 6. She say when you attach color b to repeat rows 3-6 two times but what is going wrong?! It looks perfect, it just is missing some stitches.

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