I’ve been knitting again. Just a basic pattern, but fun and very fast to make. However it’s not fun trying to sew them up when you’ve run out of (magazine) yarn and have ends everywhere. I might make some more instead but with chunky I have in my stash; then I can dc them together at the end. Any excuse to crochet!

The weather’s cooled and feels proper autumnal so I’m going to make a beef in beer casserole later.

What are you planning to make and cook this weekend?

12 thoughts on “Knitted

  1. That does sound yum. LOVE chick peas. I will be having my brothers veggie chilli at his firework party tonight. I have made Spicy Toffee Apple Cake ( from BBC Good Food) -made it last year and was requested to make it again :)

    Cute gloves -am assuming you have some small people to give them to (unless you have freakily small hands?!) ;)

  2. Lovely mitts, annoying that not enough wool supplied. Hope your dinner was yum! I made home made quiche using the very last of the tomatoes I ripened in the kitchen this week. And plum crumble! Surprised you weren’t doing something fishy!

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