Week 5: CAL Blocks #11 #13 #14 #15

#11 Baby Blocks front
#11 Baby Blocks back

It irritated me seeing the strand of light green that I haven’t worked in properly but I made myself not unravel what I’d done. I found this block not tricky as in making my head swirl with complex instructions, but because of changing the yarn over so frequently. (I finished off the fourth stitch in the other colour shade ready for the following block.) When I crocheted the #169 Interlocking Squares block you snip and start a fresh colour each time which is much more relaxing. Give me more darning, than swapping colours every few stitches, anytime!

#13 Circle in a Square

This is one of my favourite block designs so far, along with #4 Bobble Diamond and #7 Corner Granny which were both crocheted during week 2 of the CAL.

I used the magic ring method for this block instead of the chain and not chain stitches as the pattern called for, and I think it’s probably a much tighter centre circle. I was really careful to darn in the end firmly as MCs may not be so secure as starting with a slip stitched chain.


#14 Alhambra

I started this with a magic ring too.

Is there a typo in this pattern? I tried the instructions for round 6 where it says to do 2 tr into the next 2 tr but it doesn’t look like there are 4 stitches in the block photo in the book and it looked a little top heavy, so I just did 1 tr in each of the next 2 tr and it looks right to me.

#15 Corner square

I do like these corner blocks, but if my blocks are going to become one or two blankets some are going to have to be part of the main body as I’ll have too many.

This square is very easy and quick to make, though the blocking might take a while. I’m putting that part off till….next year?!

Five weeks worth of blocks! This is a good pile already.


For the last few weeks I’ve had enquiries from new readers here, or members of Ravelry, about joining this 200 Blocks CAL (crochet along) which is great. There are now 92 members signed up to the Ravelry CAL group and other block makers who are following along through this blog. I reckon there are over 100 people crocheting along with us. :-) If you want to join in then please do! I keep saying the more, the merrier.

You can start from the beginning with block #1 and send me a link to your blog which I’ll include in the CAL blog list or just comment here and let us know you’re coming along too. Alternatively start week 6 which begins tomorrow, the next set of blocks are #16 #17 and #18 (if you have time and choose to make 2-3 blocks in a week.)

NB: The Interweave site has a list of corrections for some of the block patterns #16 #35 #47 #48 #58 #79 #100 and a correction to the technique instructions for working in rounds on p.120. I think this is just for the USA publication. My book is the UK edition published in 2004 by David and Charles.

Happy crocheting!

6 thoughts on “Week 5: CAL Blocks #11 #13 #14 #15

  1. #11. I did the same as you when changing colours and I must say your back looks really neat! I didn’t use the magic loop method for #13 & 14 but I did consider it. The book does seem to use an awful lot of chains, I just thread the yarn through the stitches at the end and pull!
    #14: I think that I took her to mean that for next two tr you work one each but you are right it is ambiguous. I am glad there are pictures they do help.
    It’s exciting isn’t it looking at how many squares we have already! Yours look great.

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