Week 4: CAL Blocks #10 #12

#10 Openwork Square
It’s vital to check there are 33 dc at the end of your foundation row and I also found counting at the end of each row 2 a good check to make sure you aren’t missing/adding a stitch. Wibbly wobbly patterns like this are easy in lots of senses – they grow fast and aren’t tricky to do – but they can funnel out or in if you’re not careful.
I wasn’t sure about this after I’d crocheted it, S thought it “looks particularly 70’s crochet” and I reckoned it was a bit string bag. After a weekend away and looking at it with fresh eyes I think it might work well as a scarf design, if you turn it on its side and squint a bit.

#11 Baby Blocks
I stopped halfway and spotted a few places where I hadn’t crocheted the yarn in properly and so decided to unravel this block. I’ve just been away for a fab long weekend with a group of friends in the oldest recorded city in Britain (guess before you click?) and so I’ll do another version this week.

#12 Fine Lines
I really like this! It’s also one of the few perfectly 6″ square blocks so far.

We are now a month into the Crochet Along! It’s incredible how fast time has flown.

How are you getting on? Is 2-3 blocks a week feeling do-able?

7 thoughts on “Week 4: CAL Blocks #10 #12

  1. I’m finding it do-able. I have three new blocks in my wool basket, will fish out and photograph later. I’m enjoying it immensely, knowing that other people are also working on the same thing at roughly the same time :-)

  2. I’m finding it very do-able too. Have got some of my patchwork crochet blanket done this week (will post about it soon) – another strip added and starting sewing together the next one after the next load of CAL blocks. I’m really enjoying all the variety and the mini challenge of each new block.
    Glad you had a good weekend… Never been there (won’t say so the guessers get a fair chance!), any good yarn/fabric shops???

  3. These are looking so good. I had such great intentions about joining in with this CAL but never quite managed to organise getting the book in time. It is looking really great and I am very impressed with how your skills are improving. Good luck with the rest I am eagerly following your progress. x

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