Truly Vintage Crochet Patterns

I’ve just had a surprise parcel delivered, it’s incredible and I wanted to share my haul with you.
A friend who sent me sewing magazines, patterns and books recently has now sent me a whole bundle of crochet patterns. She’s having a major clear-out before decorating and has been giving piles of these away, I think they belonged to her Mother.

The term vintage is currently used so often that it’s becoming an almost meaningless term. offers these definitions:


[vin-tij] Show noun, adjective, verb, vin·taged, vin·tag·ing.


1.the wine from a particular harvest or crop

2.the annual produce of the grape harvest, especially with reference to the wine obtained exceptionally fine wine from the crop of a good year

4.the time of gathering grapes, or of winemaking

5.the act or process of producing wine; winemaking


6.the class of a dated object with reference to era of production or use: a hat of last year’s vintage

7.of or pertaining to wines or winemaking

8.being of a specified vintage: Vintage wines are usually more expensive than nonvintage wines

9.representing the high quality of a past time: vintage cars; vintage movies

10.old-fashioned or obsolete: vintage jokes

11.being the best of its kind: They praised the play as vintage O’Neill.


1400–50; late Middle English  (noun) < Anglo-French,  equivalent to vint ( er ) vintner  + -age -age;  replacing Middle English vindage, vendage  < Anglo-French; Old French vendange  < Latin vīndēmia  grape-gathering, equivalent to vīn ( um ) grape, wine  + -dēmia  a taking away ( dēm ( ere ) to take from ( see redeem) + -ia -y3 )

Related forms

non·vin·tage, adjective, noun

un·vin·taged, adjective

In my surprise haul I believe I truly have a collection of vintage crochet patterns, but you can see a few of them and judge for yourself. This only a selection, including a few adverts I thought might make you smile:














19 thoughts on “Truly Vintage Crochet Patterns

  1. Wow – I’m sooooo jealous. I collect vintage patterns – knitting and crochet (much to my husband’s annoyance!!!). If there’s any you don’t want – you can fling them my way. Have fun with them. I’m sorry I didn’t reply about the hot water bottle – my pc was playing up and was struggling with some programmes including twitter. I don’t have a pattern at the ready but I’ll look out for one xx

  2. Great collection! The earlier patterns are about the same ‘vintage’ as the ones I have inherited from my mum. My house is full of lacy mats she made so I don’t really need any but I want to try fine cotton crochet one day.

  3. The lady in the charming dress accessories picture is thinking (in her best posh Queens English) “I must get some Rendells Products and some Stratnoid Knitting Pins”. I can tell by the look in her eye ;)

  4. Fabulous find – lucky girl, there’s nothing better than a proper vintage pattern, my fave are vintage dress patterns, I can’t resist picking them up if I come across them in a thrift store … the only prob is that I’m hopeless with a sewing machine!

  5. Very nice! I have a few books and pamphlets that I think used to belong to my Gramma Lucy. Treasures indeed! Now, you have given me an idea. I ought to share as well. I need to go through them again, Have you tried reading the patterns?

  6. Saw some patterns for sale on Ebay that were marked as “vintage” – – they were only from 1986! If they are vintage, I wonder what that makes me :)

  7. Oh I love this post – those patterns are wonderful and I’m sure many of them are truly ‘vintage’. The ads are most entertaining and some bring back strong memories for me. Thank you Rachell. Joy

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