Week 2: CAL Blocks #4 #5 #6 #169(!)

#4 Bobble Diamond
I’m pleased that I found bobbles so easy after my concern that I’d struggle. They are a piece of cake! As I said before; I checked The Harmony Guide and did a chain after each bobble to secure them.

So easy in fact that I made another! (They curl a bit at the top right and bottom left corners so I pinned them to the carpet to photograph. Anyone else have curly bobble diamond blocks?!

#5 Twin Stripes
It’s crucial to get the very end stitches of the foundation row right otherwise row 1 is completely off-kilter!

#6 Textured Bluebells
I like this one a lot, I think the DBBC colour fits the name and pattern perfectly.

And uh-hum *cough cough*

#169 Interlocking Stripes
I just wanted to see how my Debbie Bliss colours, well 8/9 of them anyway, look together. I decided there’s something missing and bought number 10 yesterday. All will be revealed soon!

A word for the future – this is a ‘darn heavy’ block (whichever method you prefer, mine’s sewing at the end of the block.)

Have you noticed that I’ve stuck to my CAL Resolution? So far so good anyway…..

I’m going for a little wander round blogland now to see how others are getting on, there are also some fab pictures on Ravelry and more being being added to the group’s projects page all the time.

This is fun! Week 3 here we come. :-D

10 thoughts on “Week 2: CAL Blocks #4 #5 #6 #169(!)

  1. I’m finding pretty much the same issues as you – haven’t done block 169, but, like you also tempted to try a few from further on in the book…… Haven’t blogged about tem yet, but really enjoying this project. I added a couple of extra stitches to block 4 and agree wholeheartedly with your comment about block 5 ;)

  2. #5 and #6 are really pretty. I was doing bobbles last night and, once I had worked out where to put my dc’s on the row after a bobble row, they were looking good. I like bobbles. The block did come out a bit smaller so I’m going to have another go tonight and add a couple of extra stitches at either end to get it the right size. I’m enjoying this :D

  3. Lovely lovely blocks! I love the colours together in #5, and wish I could manage that kind of combination myself. I seem to be having trouble with colours these days :-)
    And 169 – well well well, aren’t we clever? It really looks amazing. I have to say that that was one of the blocks that I was planning to omit…but you sure have made it look good.
    Enjoy all your CAL admin! :-)

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