CAL photos

Hello :-)

I’m aware that my CAL block makers (Rachell and the block-heads?!) are spread online: through the blogging world, Ravelry, Twitter, Flickr and some are email followers, so I thought I might do a little poll to see where the majority of you are going to show off your finished blocks.  I’ve been dying to find another excuse to host a poll. I don’t know why, but I love them!

Now only vote if you’re doing the CAL with us please, don’t be norty ;-)

6 thoughts on “CAL photos

  1. I’ve probably missed some crucial instruction along the way – are we going to do a certain number of squares a week, or do we just crochet merrily away and have a “share” every so often? Never done a CAL before :-)

        • I’ve never specified how many in total since I think we’ll have to see how we get on, how many in total we want in different colour combinations. It’s a variable project -I reckon some people will stop sooner than others while some will carry on and do every combination under the sun- it will be interesting seeing what happens :-) as for me personally I’ve no idea what I’ll do at this stage. Good question though!

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