200 Blocks Crochet Along with Rachell: the THEME!

The final votes for the theme for my CAL have been coming in all weekend. Yesterday one theme (Sea & Sand) began to gather more and more votes, but it didn’t quite make it.

Just to refresh your memory the possible themes were:

Moonlight & Stars
Sea & Sand
Autumn Leaves
Summer Fruits
Cottage Garden

Are you yelling at the screen yet? “Just stop waffling and tell us what it is!!*>!*”

Ok, ok here’s a little clue to the winner…

For people who like stats here are the final votes in percentages:

Cottage Garden: 33%
Autumn Leaves: 22%
Sea & Sand: 19%
Summer Fruits: 15%
Moonlight & Stars: 11%

Yes! The winning theme is Cottage Garden.

And it’s not too late to join us, everyone welcome.

Originally I was going to link to everyone’s blog. I thought there would be around a dozen people doing this CAL with me, but there are currently 71 people in the Ravelry  group I started alone, and more here, so it’s hard to tell exactly how many.  Judging by the number of messages/votes I’ve had it’s LOTS!

Fantastic! :-D

Just to clarify these are the first blocks we’ll be doing from 1st September when we’ve got our yarn sorted and fingers flexed:

I’ll be adding a linky image thing for you in a post soon, so if you want to add it to your blog etc you can paste the code in. If there’s anyone who wants to volunteer to try it for me please let me know. :-)

Come and add your Cottage Garden inspired blocks as we go week by week to the group I’ve set up on Flickr  It’ll be fun to see everyone’s yarn choices. We start on 1st September with blocks #1 & #2 and pics can be added from then.

If you get stuck there are some super experienced and friendly crocheters on the Ravelry 200 Blocks Crochet Along with Rachell group who will help. I’ll definitely be there asking for help!


I’m off now to buy some wool/yarn. I’m still debating how extravagant I want to be, but I am a little fed up with Stylecraft and fancy trying something posh for the first time, but posh don’t come cheap…


20 thoughts on “200 Blocks Crochet Along with Rachell: the THEME!

  1. Awesome. Although this was not my first choice. I am happy to be hooking with this colour theme :) Now to choose some yarn. I have had a quick look through the book and the most colours any one block needs that I found ..is seven..
    Have fun everyone picking your yarns for this challenge.

  2. Aw, I was really hoping for sea and sand. But either way it’s still not my first, first choice so here’s to trying new themes! Now, to decide on colors…

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  4. Yes! :-D I voted for cottage garden and I will use Stylecraft even though posh yarn would be nice. But 200 squares or even the 129 (my calculation) different ones is a lot of yarn. I have already made a couple of samples of squares 1 & 2 and they came out different sizes so will be doing a post on what I discovered when I get time. Soon I hope.

  5. The theme is fabulous. My book is still somewhere between Loot and my local post office, so I’m greenly envious of those of you who have it in your paws right now :-)
    This is such a great idea, Rachell, thanks again for organising.

    • Thank you! It’s really nice to read such lovely comments.
      Fingers crossed your book comes soon. I’ve got mega ends darning on the alternative granny squares and rhubarb ripple to focus on before we start on 1st, so don’t worry we won’t be starting yet!

  6. Ooh what an interesting colour scheme choice! Although it is probably the worthy winner as it is very versatile so pretty much any colour would suit it :) I can’t wait to get started! Yarn, book and hook all set and ready to go!

  7. Excellent! I bought some yarn from a charity shop the other day which will make a good start along with some from my stash. I’m afraid it’s acrylic all the way with me. I’m less likely to shrink it in the wash and I give my blankets a lot of use in the garden and the car :)

  8. Love the colour theme that’s been chosen here … even if I don’t have the time right now to join the CAL, you may have given me the colour inspiration for my next blanket!! … still only half way with the ripple though, so time and cost-wise it will have to wait … I’m really interested to see what all the squares look like, I bet you learn so many techniques by doing this, I reckon I’m going to have to get myself a copy, will defo be coming back weekly to see which are my faves …

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