200 Blocks Crochet Along with Rachell

Introduction to my CAL:

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned starting a CAL – a crochet along – as I’ve owned this  superb book: 200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans by Jan Eaton for a while now but haven’t used it apart from referencing stitches and techniques. (See here if you’re interested.) I asked if anyone would be interested in making 2-3 squares a week and had an enthusiastic response.
Which block will we begin with?:
We will start from block number one and take them as they come in order (2-3 blocks a week) otherwise I just know I’ll choose all the easy ones first. The CAL would become a bit of a trial, I’d stop and I’d have to leave the blogging country!
You’ll need to get hold of a copy of the book:
If you have decided you want to join this CAL you’ll need to get hold of a copy of the book, since I can’t post patterns here as I would be infringing copyright.
This is a popular book that many crochet fans already own, and it should be easy to get hold of a copy.  I have a link to it on Amazon on my sidebar to the right under ‘Books!’ If you are trying not to buy anymore books at moment you could try looking in your local library for a copy.
Themes for the CAL:
Patch suggested having a colour theme for the CAL such as:
Sea and Sand
Moonlight and Stars
Autumn Leaves.
I loved it!
I’ve added a few ideas of my own too:
Cottage Garden
Summer Fruits
If the theme fits with my yarn collection I’m initially going to use that up, but we’ll see. I’m hovering between themes and so am going to vote last, because I can! I’ve made myself choose a theme because I could dither for days otherwise!
So do we all need to use the same colours and type of yarn?:
NO!  :-)
Once the broad theme is decided we would use our own choice of yarn, shades, colours and hook size, then compare notes as we go. It will make the CAL much more interesting especially at the end; seeing everyone’s choices.
Voting for a theme:
If you want to join us please vote on one of the following themes, via my contact me form on the ‘Hello’ page above by Tuesday 28th August
Here they are:
Sea and Sand
Moonlight and Stars
Autumn Leaves
Summer Fruits
A Cottage Garden
Sharing our progress:
I will post links to your blog as well as photos of my completed squares as we go on a weekly basis, ideally at the beginning of the following week.
Announcing the winning theme:
I’ll announce the winning theme on Tuesday 28th August here in a new blog post, then we can get our yarn together and fingers flexed ready to start the CAL.
When will the CAL start?:

From the 1st of September onwards

I’ve only just seen this post, can I still join?:
 YES! At any time, the more the merrier.
It’s going to be fun!

47 thoughts on “200 Blocks Crochet Along with Rachell

  1. Ooh this sounds like so much fun! I would love to join in! I am currently working on a throw using different granny-square patterns but it will be red and white…I am in need of some new patterns so I may invest in this book and join you! As I have already made a start in red and white I think maybe summer fruits would be my choice of theme (strawberries and cream?) or maybe I could push at autumn leaves? If these themes aren’t chosen can I still join in anyway?

  2. Hi. I can’t seem to find a contact me page or see your email address, so I’m doing a comment. I’d like to join the CAL and I vote for Summer Fruits as I have a lot of bright colours in my stash.

  3. Just one more thing. You asked in your earlier post about the amount of blocks to make per week. I think 2 blocks per week sounds good to me. Oooh, and have you thought of starting a group for your CAL on Ravelry…?

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  5. Just bought the book. I’m in! I’m not very good at crocheting apart from the one stitch I do over and over again so we’ll see how I go :)

  6. ps. Will you be posting a list of people who are taking part so we can all keep track on each others progress? :) (You might have done this already but I’m sleepy and a slow coach in joining)

    • I will do one blog post of participants and link to it on the sidebar. It’s now taken off so much it’s going to be unrealistic to post links every week. I have set up a Ravelry group too under ‘crochetalongs’ called 200 Blocks crochet along with Rachell.
      Wondering about setting up a Flickr account too. What do you think?

      Lovely to have you along! We can do our 2 blocks together in September? ;-)

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  9. I’m in the middle of a year-long blanket project and losing my crochet mojo after about 70 squares so far. I’m doing 2 or 3 squares a week which is pretty manageable if I don’t get distracted with knitting. I’m already over half-way through my pink and purple scheme so I vote for Summer Fruits so I can join in!

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  11. Hi! I’m willing to join and love the idea of autumn leaves or moonlight and stars. I am going to repost this on my blog for others to see. Will we by chance have a button (is that what they’re called) to put on our side column to show we are participating?

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  13. I have this book and would love to join in but I just don’t have the time :( I’ll follow it with interest though x

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  16. This sounds a lovely idea. All I can do is treble and go round and round, but the enormous king sized blanket is nearly finished so this would be a top notch way of improving my skills. As soon as I get my copy of the book can I join? I saw the theme was cottage garden. I love the wool shop you featured- can you give a hint as to which town too look for it in- I’d love a visit. My blog can be found on http://nanacathydotcom.wordpress , if you’d like a look!

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