Drink Shop Do

Drink Shop Do, London






Pros:: (sorry I snigger a little as there’s a sex shop downstairs) Sweets in old fashioned jars available per quarter, cards, stationery, Rowan wool (ya hoo I can legitimately use wool) tiered plates to buy, a teeny bit of crochet on display, candles on cafe tables upstairs, fresh flowers, random tables and chairs, fab homemade cakes including yummy looking battenburg.

Cons: Apart from eclectic ‘craft’ classes/activities -look up the programme on their site- this isn’t really a craft shop. If you’re looking for serious yarn choices or haberdashery items go elsewhere.
Cooler than cool reception from staff, it is London I guess but smiles cost nothing. I’d accept a fake one!
Expect to wait to be served in the cafe, busy or not. I’ve heard this and now have first-hand experience.

Off to Liberty now while dodging raindrops.


3 thoughts on “Drink Shop Do

  1. Oh what a pity the service is a bit naff. It looks like it’s a real cool place to hang out. The sex shop must be a remnant of when King’s Cross was a notorious red light district.

    Have fun in Liberty. I really must go there soon. It’s been too long since my last visit.

  2. I’m sniggering too at the “Do” bit lol! I lived in London for 10 years and never went into Liberty!! Mad hey? I never had the time or energy to do any sewing etc then though. Berwick street (I think!?) is mighty fine for fabrics and haberdashery too.

  3. This must be one of the crafty course places you found! Looks like a gorge place, shame about the service hey – I might still consider a trip into london to try it out though …

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