Come for a walk?

Blenheim Palace has gorgeous grounds, with a lake to circle, a butterfly house to steam within (nice on a frosty day) and a maze to wander. Thank goodness there’s a viewing platform to climb if you need a bit of help in the middle of the maze. In our case we were waved on encouragingly by a lovely couple on holiday from the States, letting us know we were on the right paths. Good job since I once went with a couple of classes on a school trip and a teacher and I were the last to complete the maze. The parent helpers and children were laughing raucously when we both burst out all red and sweaty faced from trying to find the exit, knowing we were holding everyone else up from their lunch!

I love old, old brickwork so there’s a photo of the wall adjacent to the maze.

After the 3.3 mile (Endomondo again!) we wandered back through the Palace gate and into Woodstock High Street for a drink and a lolly. It was very warm you know, and I might have been the one with highly pink cheeks holding a drippy orange lolly.

The photos are (fingers crossed) in a gallery setting. If you want to view them as normal sized images, at your own viewing speed, then click on whichever photo you want to start with….

Enjoy the walk!

6 thoughts on “Come for a walk?

  1. Hi Rachel… beautiful photos of Blenheim…one of my favourite places in the world! I used to live in the tea rooms just next to the entrance to the palace.. the photo with the white advert painted on the wall.. it was a lovely place to grow up and we still go there a lot…thanks for a lovely post. Jill x

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