Reuse, Recycle, Enjoy

Recently I’ve read soooo many posts written by people saying they are darning in the ends as they go; so it’s not a horrid job waiting to be done. Or, they’re waiting till the end and dreading it. There’s even some who’ve put off finishing a blanket for a year(s) because of darning in those dratted ends.

I enjoy this part! It’s the finishing off of an enjoyable project. I’m actually looking forward to this restful, rather therapeutic, activity. I admit I’m actively saving it till the crochet is finished. By that time I’ll probably need a change from trebles, trebles and more trebles.

Those ‘dreaded ends’ have been known to end up serving another purpose….

16 thoughts on “Reuse, Recycle, Enjoy

  1. A beautiful blanket. I’m an avid knitter but still have the same problem of sewing in all the ends…like you I find it quite enjoyable, but on a big knit like a blanket I usually do some halfway.

    Fleur xx

  2. You’re just weird, lol!! Mine would never get finished if I left it till the end! Little J likes to play with the ends I cut off! He likes to snip them into even tinier bits. (so long as he ONLY snips the ends!! Nothing else!!).

  3. Like Erin I was thinking “and you fish as well?”. Your blanket looks lovely and neat. How big are you making it?

  4. Darning in, I wish it didn’t exist. But unfortunately it does. It takes up a lot of time.
    And when you like a lot of colours you’re cursed, because every colour has two ends (well a start thread and an end)
    But when it’s finished you have forgotten all darning in because the handmade things look so nice.


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