Made with cotton!

“At last!” I can hear Penny shouting :-)

You can buy the pattern for this cute little owl here. It requires a little bit of brain power to translate the pattern into UK terms. Also the translation is slightly eccentric at times. BUT I’ve made an owl and this is my first attempt, so it can’t be too tricky!

I enjoyed using the cotton to embroider the beak, it will work very well as thick sewing thread too.

Look at my gifts from Hong Kong! (One Chinese, one Japanese…)

Aren’t the gingerbread men gorgeous?!!!!

But oh my goodness; how do I read the charts?

Obviously I start at number 1….?

Then what do the in and out arrows mean?

The stitches are demonstrated in line drawings (very teeny at the back of the book) but with no English translation. However I do enjoy a challenge and am determined to learn how to read these tricky symbols. I actually have a suspicion they might not be as tricky once you get the hang of them either.

One page has a line of scissor motifs joined together in a line – super fiddly but very cute!

And finally, because it’s my blog and I can!

The pile is slowly growing. I’m doing an alternative granny square when I feel like it doing something small. It does seem to mean that I have to play back sections of DVDs again, because I can’t look up at the screen as much as when rippling or granny striping. I miss visual clues as to what’s happening! Life’s hard isn’t it?! ;-p

Those edges :-D

12 thoughts on “Made with cotton!

  1. That little Owl is SO cute! Those books look mouth watering and I wish you luck with the mind boggling translations, but I can see why you want to give it a go. Good luck, can’t wait to see your next project!

    Penny x

  2. The owl is sooooo cute. I am loving your books too. Those gingerbread men, and the little line of washing…. Love it. Like those granny square bags too. SO much inspiration… I’m excited for you!! Looking forward to seeing some of the results :D

  3. Congratulations in taking the plunge on the Japanese books. The patterns do look a bit scary…you’ll soon get the hang of it. I’ve used the edging book before those patterns are fab. On the sweet pattern you start where the chain is coloured in black, hope that helps. Happy crocheting….Esther :)

  4. I’ve got an idea for the sweets. I’m gonna say white and pink are the colors, cuz that’ll match the chart. The arrows are supposed to indicate in which direction the stitches are moving. I know you’re a leftie, so these directions don’t include left/right directions.

    Foundation: starting with white, ch 6
    1: turn, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch
    2: turn, ch 1, sc in each sc. finish.
    3: using pink, insert yarn between ch & sc of row 2. ch 1, sc, hdc, 2 dc in same sc, hdc, sc. slst into last white sc of 2. slst between corner chains of 1.
    ch 1, sc, hdc, 2 dc in same stitch, hdc, sc, finish.
    4. insert yarn between 2 dc. ch 4, (tc, ch, tc, ch, tc) all between 2 dc, ch 4, slst between 2 dc. slst around (into dc, hdc, sc, slst, ch, sc, hdc, dc).
    ch 4, (tc, ch, tc, ch, tc) all between 2 dc, ch 4, slst between 2 dc. slst around (into dc, hdc, sc, side of sc, sc, ch, between sc & ch, hdc, dc), finish.
    It’s got a slst on one corner of the wrapper. I believe that’s for when you’re making the next one in the line, you slst there instead of ch to make the join with the other wrapper’s corner.

    Very interesting puzzle you’ve got there. I hope my instructions are easily enough understood. Good luck.

  5. Those edgings are So Cute!! Immediately I imagine them decorating the bodice of little girls’ sundresses, but I’m sure many more projects would come to mind once I got started. Can’t wait to see how you use yours!

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