Rippling & Striping on a rainy weekend

I’d forgotten that there were tulips in this pot last year, what a lovely surprise!

There are signs of Spring everywhere…

Friday night I started a ripple blanket. It’s not such a good idea when you find that you’ve increased trebles four times instead of two, the following morning! Crochet after wine is probably not recommended. (Unless you love undoing crochet!)

I’m enjoying choosing the next colour for my rainbow granny stripe. I haven’t got a plan and that’s the way I like it.

Oops! The ripple is shorter than the granny stripe…but edging should sort that little issue.

I prefer Lucy’s ripple pattern (see her Attic 24 blog for pattern, link to the right), rather than the wave stitch I tried for the cushion cover featured in Nicki Trench’s Cute and Easy Crochet book (see link). My tension’s loose usually and Lucy’s ripple seems to suit it better. I do wonder if the rainbow granny stripe blanket will be more popular as it’s thicker, and probably warmer, than the ripple.

Finally look who surprised me…..

Ha! As I added these last two pics I heard this playing on my ipod:

“Tell her I’ll be waiting in the usual place….”


(Bryan Ferry’s Slave to Love)

6 thoughts on “Rippling & Striping on a rainy weekend

  1. I just love those colours – I did Lucy’s granny stripe with the Lucy “pack” but think I might have to get some more for a ripple! Eek! To the spider…I don’t mind them but can imagine how that would freak someone out who was scared of them :-(

  2. Both blankets are looking beautiful. A big spider surprised me too when changing beds the other day – he was all tucked up snuggly inside a sheet I got out of the draw. Eeek!

  3. Have just discovered your blog via Ravelry (I’m beedeborah on Rav) and am really delighted. I think you’re quite a bit ahead of me as a crochet ‘beginner’, I only started last month, and look forward to reading your blog from the beginning. Love this post – can’t wait to catch up.

    Deborah x

  4. By browsing in your lovely blog I stumbled on your spider pictures. Brrrrr!
    When I first moved into my house I had several visits from the same sort. I even could actually hear them walking over my laminate floor, big as they were
    I used to catch them (not barehanded of course) and put them outside.
    I must say I haven’t seen one in quite a while (lucky me)


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