It’s growing very fast, I find that I can’t do fewer than 2 stripes at a sitting, even if time is pressing and I need to do just half a row….addictive or what?!

I think the next bit is going to go into bluey greens and I’ll try the yacky green out too; but if it fails the audition it’s OUT!

I’m enjoying the trebling but wanted to try something new. I find that I can’t just concentrate on one project, I have to try a few alongside each other. It’s like me and books. I usually have a poem anthology, a non-fiction, a fiction and maybe something else I’m dipping in and out of. Variety is the spice of life, and all that. :-)

I’m using Nicki Trench’s pattern for the wave cushion (see link at the side for the book.) I suspect this is what everyone else is calling ripple pattern. It’s great. I enjoyed it last night, but if you’re wondering why I stopped in the middle…there was a bombshell in the middle of Roger and Val have just got in that required me to stop! and talk! Then it was time for bed Zebedee…

If, unlike me, you’re a crochet expert and notice a flaw in my waves tell me please. Gently!

PS: Sorry that the pics are a bit fuzzy but I wanted to show you how I’m getting on. The flash had to do the job as the sun is in bed now, and it’s never as good as natural sunlight.

8 thoughts on “Brightness!

  1. Both are looking VERY beautiful. I have to make myself finish one thing before spending money and starting another or I might but the first down and not finish it! I shall post my progress so far very soon.

    • Thank you very much!
      I have that lovely stash of yarn and so for the first time feel I can start and stop with new things as I go along with the Granny Stripe. I’ve never had a bulk order like that and I’M A FAN now!
      Contemplating buying a bulk order of cottons….ooooh!
      Look forward to seeing your post soon Patchness.

  2. You wont believe this, but I have also just started a granny strip blanket using Stylecraft Special DK, I am probably at about the same distance through as you. I plan to put a post on regarding the blanket and my other crochet projects this weekend, thought you maybe intrested to see how different they look, just by using different colour combinations. I also have a liking for Debbie Bliss and Rowan but also find them really expensive. I managed to make a baby blanket for my son out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, it is lovely to work with and so soft. Loving your blog, I am new to this so would be grateful for any comments you may have on my blog.

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