Oooh look what just arrived…

A big sack of yarn (I hate saying yarn, I grew up with a Mum who said wool as in ‘We’re going to walk to the wool shop’ and ‘Can you help wind my wool please?’ but there’s nothing of it in this huge parcel that’s ever seen a sheep, let alone come from one!)

It’s like a game of pass the parcel!

I can’t wait to see what’s inside! I’ve never bought more than 2 balls of yarn by mail before!

Wow! Looks good and feels very soft. Far softer than I imagined 100% acrylic would feel.

There’s one colour  I really didn’t like when I saw it pictured in the online shop but it’s a pack so you take the urgh with the lovely colours! Can you tell which one it is?!

They’ve sold out of the pack I think as I type because it’s not on the page when I went there for the url thingy, but I know they’ll be putting more together, such is the power of Lucy of Attic24! This pack is exactly the same colours she used for one of her projects; the Granny Stripe blanket for her caravan.

Now I don’t know exactly what I’m going to make with this, apart from the jar cover for a very lovely friend Naomi. She’s been really helpful and, well, so lovely that I wanted to make her something useful. She can keep all her pens in it at school.

I originally ordered the pack so I could have a stash to use for all manner of little projects, but I am tempted to make a blanket. The little girls might like a blanket to snuggle under….I might like a blanket to snuggle under…..

All these exciting possibilities….


PS: S said when he saw the yucky green that “It looks like the dial has been turned to 11 for that one!” Spot on I reckon!!


10 thoughts on “Yarnalicious!

  1. Tweets I received in response to this post: “What a great yarn stash, lots of possibilities. Know just what you mean about calling it wool rather than yarn!”

    ***See….I’m not alone in this!

    “Lovely colours. And nice to know it is so soft. Not bought Stylecraft before so will remember that next time I need acrylic.”


  2. I too ordered the Lucy pack and made a granny stripe blanket with it (including the green which actually looked fine when crocheted up). I have since used different colours of the stylecraft yarn for other blankets and it is brilliant – really soft and you can throw it in the washing machine as many times as you like. Am a big fan as it is such economical yarn. hope you have fun whatever you make! :-)

  3. I was making myself wait until I almost finished my scarf to order a pack and you are right it is out of stock (sob!). I think you and Erin bought it all ;o) I did email them to ask when it would be back I stock and had a reply to say it would be in very soon as they were just waiting for one colour – phew!!

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