A present

I knitted my friend a dishcloth last year and since it died, after constant use, I haven’t heard the last of her wanting another. So, this time when I got my special delivery of cotton from Lincolnshire I crocheted her one…

It only took me an hour or so. I must be getting a lot faster at the hooky stuff.

A foundation row of chains, a row of doubles and then trebles all the way.

I’ve never seen anyone look so excited, and this was after all the joy of Christmas and present opening. Maybe I could start a business selling hand-made dish-cloths?!

4 thoughts on “A present

  1. Hey Rachell, nice to know your friend appreciated the gift…
    I haven’t made one of these dishcloths yet, but they seem to be pretty popular.

    Thanks for visiting my blog it was lovely to hear from you
    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  2. What a lovely gift, no wonder your friend was excited. I’m always being asked for face cloths too. Great for xmas pressies. They’re very popular online, so maybe selling them would be a good idea. Looking forward to seeing you next project, Lyne xx

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