Yarning along

Yes! A little crochet is happening nowadays. As long as I don’t do too much at a time, then have a break for a day or two it seems ok. And today it was in the lovely sunny weather that’s returned. It was 22 degrees today, perfect for sitting in the garden with a hook in hand and a good audio book playing.

What do you think I’m making? I wonder if you’ll get it?

I usually easily read a book a week, have done for years, but during the current situation, for the last two months, I’ve found it really difficult to concentrate. I think I’ve probably read little more than a book a month. Personally it was a really terrible time, then less terrible and then full of sheer relief and joy (I don’t think anyone has clapped as loudly to thank the NHS!) Now life has mostly gone back to the current new normal. Thank goodness.

Anyway, let’s move on.

My last audio book was the inspiration for the film Blinded by the Light: Greetings from Bury Park by Sarfraz Manzoor too. (Here it is from Audible.)

Have you also experienced the lack of concentration thing? I’ve been all over the place. Not just with reading, but that has stood out.

Things seem to be improving now and luckily I’ve chosen the perfect book for me right now. Isn’t it magical when that happens?

Remarkable Creatures is based upon the real lives of Mary Anning and Elizabeth Philpot. Here’s the blurb from Google books:

Mary Anning, born in a poor family, lived in Lyme Regis and from an early age was fascinated by the fossils, then called snake stones and devil’s toenails, that could then be picked up on the beaches. She became far more interested when she realised that these could be sold to the gentry who had grown into avid collectors. She was supported by her family in her enterprise but was often ripped off by the buyers and derided by the scientists. One person came to her rescue: Elizabeth Philpot, daughter of a wealthy family who had settled in Dorset to escape the stultifying respectability of genteel London society. The two women, of different ages and very different class and background, became unlikely friends but the relationship was to take on stranger twists as the excitement of the fossil discoveries – Mary Anning finds the first complete plesiosaur – turns to religious difficulties as the importance of these finds begins to spread.

I already really rate Tracey Chevalier’s writing. The amount of research she does underpin her novels and is reflected in the quality of her writing. She has the knack of bringing dry facts and histories to life. Her stories are never dull and are populated with sympathetic and believable characters.

I’ve got exciting news to tell you about. Exciting for me after all this time. That won’t be for a bit. I might even be back with another post before…calm yourselves – I know that is a lot to take in!

What are you Yarning Along making and reading? Let’s do this again from time to time. I wasn’t sure what to write about, but knew I wanted to again today, so fell back on one of my old favourites. But it only really works if you join in too. Thanks for reading. I can’t wait for your comments.

Joining in belatedly this month with Ginny.

10 thoughts on “Yarning along

  1. Hello Rachel, I’m so glad you’re back! :) Your crocheting looks beautiful among lillies-of-the-valley. (I have some in the vase on our dining table and their scent is heavenly!)
    Do you know the author Gabriel Gbadamosi? I haven’t read a book by him yet but will get his novel “Vauxhall” for my birthday next month. I got interested after listening to The Word of Mouth with him on BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0007kjn
    I’ve also watched several plays made available on National Theatre At Home – Jane Eyre, The Treasure Island, Twelfth Night, Frankenstein and Antony and Cleopatra.
    Good to know you’re better now – hope the situation keeps on improving!

    • Hey, thank you very much. They smell gorgeous don’t they? Someone I know had some in a vase to perfume the room, but I can’t bear to pick them somehow. I make sure I put my nose to the flowers when sitting by them!
      I don’t know that author. Will have check him out.
      We tried one of the first One Man Two Guvnors, although we love the theatre I struggled with the lack of live action. I was too conscious of seeing people acting, the atmosphere is such a part of seeing a play. I know many have loved the opportunity though, it’s a personal preference.
      Me too; though lifting a pot of fuchsia is daft isn’t it? Who would do that after a couple of years of pain?!

  2. Before I saw the picture, I thought you were probably making a face mask, since they are all over Pinterest at the moment. I think your pieces are a bit big for that, so maybe a Kindle cover or something similar. On the subject of lack of concentration, I have been reading, but have not been up on the making front. I started knitting a cardigan, which seems to have stalled. I am working from home, full time, which is a new, not altogether pleasant experience, in a job that is not acknowledged at all at the moment. It does all seem to be a bit pointless.

    • Hi Jacqueline,
      Not a kindle cover but a good guess. Oh no I’m sorry to hear that it’s not altogether pleasant, it’s missing people isn’t it? Just seeing the same faces and the same walls gets hard, doesn’t it. Now I’m wondering what your job is, I’m sorry it’s not acknowledged. I’m sure things will eventually get back to a new kind of normal, even if it isn’t quite the same as the old. Hang in there!

  3. Glad you replied to my comment as your post did not appear on my reader even though you are listed as someone I follow. I’ve changed the settings so maybe I will get any in future. I would have guessed that you were making a hot water bottle cover except that it seemed much too boring for that. Could it be some sort of cardigan?

  4. Lovely to see you can do a bit of crochet again. So sorry other things have not been good. I hope the new home is still good. I really enjoyed Remarkable Creatures and was thrilled last year to visit Lyme Regis and see Mary Anning’s grave. My reading rate has fallen way down- mostly because of stress.Finally we have moved this week- lots of unpacking to do now.

  5. Glad you have joined in. I have just been planning my next Yarn Along post for next week while I can. Hoping the concentration issue is improving now that things are a bit calmer???

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